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Best Options for a Comfortable Flower Girl Dresses

Comfort and safety are top priorities of moms or any child care provider for their little children.

Some of them have very sensitive skin and some of them may have specific requirements for dresses to keep them safe.

A wedding is a very special day, not only to the couple, but to all their friends, family and the bridal party.

Being part of the bridal party is such a privilege as it does not happen all the time.

Hence, if your daughter is chosen to be one of the flower girls, allow her.

Meanwhile, if there are problems concerning comfort and safety of your child, that are hindering you from permitting your daughter to be a flower girl, you can always talk to the bride and discuss expectations and further details that you need to prepare as the guardian of the little princess.

Being the bride, here are some ideas on how to choose flower girl dresses that would promote comfort and safety to each of the children.


Length of the Flower Girl Dresses

Short Flower Girl Dresses

These are the flower girl dresses that would include mini-length and knee length dresses.

This length is highly preferred for the toddler flower girl dresses as mothers will not think about their children stepping on their dresses.

Meanwhile, when wearing such dresses, the children might also need to wear thicker stockings/leggings to protect their skin from cold air or even from bruises when playing.

Long Flower Girl Dresses

Long flower girl dresses include tea-length dresses, ankle length dresses, floor length dresses, sweep train dresses, court train dresses and any other dresses with longer trains.

Usually moms would prefer the dresses that are tea-length, ankle length and floor length as the whole lower body part is covered and the children won’t be able to step on the dresses too.

This would be more comfortable and safer for them especially for younger flower girls who are more active.

Meanwhile if the flower girl is older and knows how to behave well, the dresses with trains would be a good option too.

Fabric of the Flower Girl Dresses


This fabric is a light-weight fabric that frays easily, meanwhile this is widely used for special occasion dresses for all seasons, whether it be a cold or a warm.

Being a light weight fabric is an advantage however this fabric is transparent and needs a lining when wearing it.

Meanwhile, for some chiffon dresses, they are designed to be made in layers of chiffon so it will not be see-through.


This fabric has a glossy or shiny surface. This is usually the fabric being used for ball gown dresses and A-line dresses that are fairytale inspired.

On top of this fabric can also be a layer of organza fabric or tulle fabric, both of which are netlike fabrics, which makes the dresses fuller in style.


Charmeuse is a fabric similar to satin. One side is shiny and the other side is dull. This is also considered a light weight and is usually recommended for cold season.

Just like satin fabric, this is one of the fabric options for a princess like flower girl dress.

***The three fabrics are among the most used fabrics for flower girl dresses that could promote comfort to the little girls meanwhile there are a lot more to choose from.

The criterion is actually not limited hence, choosing the right fabric would still depend on the one who is going to wear the dress.

Meanwhile, according to a study conducted by Dogbey, R. et al. in 2015, it was concluded that the knowledge of parents and fashion designers on properties of fibers and safety measures in apparel manufacturing are crucial in safeguarding the comfortability of children’s apparels.

Sleeves of the Flower Girl Dresses

Sleeveless/Short Sleeves

Sleeveless or short sleeved flower girl dresses are best worn with warm weather. This style would prevent the little girl from being stressed with being so hot hence avoiding irritability.

Long Sleeves

Dresses with long sleeves could also be an option for warm weather if the sleeves are made of thin fabric such as tulle, organza or even lace.

Meanwhile if the sleeves are made of thicker fabrics such as satin, charmeuse and taffeta, then these dresses are more recommended for cold season thus promoting warmth.

***Whether it be a dress with short or long sleeves, or whether it is warm or cold, for as long as the little girls are comfortable and are satisfied, then there should be no problem in choosing which sleeve would be best for them.


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