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Five Ways to Build an Incredible Deck


Not only does a well-designed deck add value to your home, but it also provides the perfect space for a private oasis where you can while away the hours on warm summer evenings.

It’s also a creative way to change the look of your home, so long as you can think outside the box.

Decks don’t have to be a wooden rectangle with boring spindles and nothing to set it apart from a million other decks.

Here are five ways you can build an incredible deck that stands out from the neighbors’.

Use Stainless Steel or Glass Railings

If you have a deck overlooking what could be an incredible view, the last thing you want is an obstruction in the way.

By using stainless steel deck railing or a glass enclosure, you ensure that you can see the view while sipping a glass of wine in your Adirondack chair.

Stainless steel and glass also add a modern, versatile design element that is sure to catch the eyes of potential buyers should you ever choose to sell your home.

It’s also lower maintenance than wood, which often has to be treated.

Add Tiers

Deck with levels

Life is better with a little texture, and your deck is no exception.

Instead of opting for a single-layer, add tiers to your deck, eliminating the need for stairs and adding an elegant, regal look to your house and yard.

Building a low-tiered deck is a great option if you have aging relatives who visit or live with you.

It also makes the area more accessible and takes up less space if you need to install a ramp.

Tiered decks are not as expensive as one would think.

You’re simply paying for a bit more material to add the step effect, rather than having a flat expanse of wood.

Ground Level Deck

Ground level deck

Decks don’t have to be up high, overlooking the yard.

Ground level decks are a great way to keep costs low while adding curb appeal and creating an outdoor retreat.

Building a ground level deck also opens up more options for versatility in materials used.

Rather than using wood, you can use cement, stones, and tiles.

These decks also look great with the previously mentioned stainless steel or glass enclosures.

When building a ground level deck, think carefully about how the elements will impact it as you won’t have the same drainage as you would with a raised deck.

Depending on the material you use, you may have to add a drainage feature.

Unconventional Shapes

We tend to get stuck in the idea of building a rectangular deck. After all, it’s what we see most often, it’s the shape of a house and of the wood used to build the platform.

However, curved areas or other unconventional shapes can add an element of whimsy and high-profile design.

Try adding a rounded corner area to a square deck to create the perfect location for a seating area.

Alternatively, a series of rounded tiers create the perfect aesthetic for some complementary landscaping below.

Add Coverage

Many are hesitant to invest in a beautiful deck because of the seasonality and usability.

However, you can use your deck year round, regardless of the weather, if you add some coverage.

Adding a covered portion allows you to set up an outdoor living room, where you can sip your coffee and read a book as the rain falls.

Alternatively, that covered area can extend your barbeque season into the winter.

Coverage also adds shade for those hot days and provides a safe place to store things when the area is not in use.

If a permanent fixture doesn’t appeal to you, consider adding a retractable awning.

Think outside the box when building a deck.

If you’re going to be spending the money on this project anyway, it’s worth increasing your budget slightly to create something that will add resale value to your home.

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