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Throwing Shade: The Best Evergreen Trees to Plant in Your Yard

evergreen tree

In the United States, residential lawns average around one-quarter of an acre in size.

The yard is more than just a place to throw a football or barbeque a hamburger.

It makes the outdoors a part of your home.

Flowers, ponds, and shrubs can all make your yard look welcoming.

Evergreen trees have come to play a critical role in recent years, especially in cooler climates.

These hardy plants can serve as a natural fence that divides property or provides shade to exposed yards.

Which evergreens are right for your property? Let’s take a look.

1. Arborvitae

arborvitae trees

Arborvitae is a conical evergreen that can grow to fifty feet tall.

They grow well in webs soil and partial sun.

It is popular to plant “green giant” arborvitae between houses and subdivisions as a privacy screen.

Arborvitae is extremely hardy and can tolerate almost any soil.

It acts as a great hedge or focal point for your backyard.

The shoots on arborvitae are flat and single-planed.

The leaves grow to be one to ten millimeters long.

2. Spruce

spruce tree

Spruce trees are fragrant, needled evergreens.

They can grow to be anywhere from five to one hundred feet tall.

It grows well in wet soil, windy areas, and in soil with a high PH.

The Blue Colorado Spruce is popular on larger properties.

It grows to just above ten feet high, and its needles are thickly packed.

It thrives in full sun but tolerates shade well.

The Blue Wonder Spruce is also very hardy. They grow to be as tall as six feet.

They look great in container plantings and don’t have to be pruned often.

The Blue Wonder Spruce has dark needles and densely packed branches.

They are hardy down to negative-forty-degrees Fahrenheit.

The Dwarf Serbian Spruce is a great option for hedging around a fence.

It grows to be between three and five feet high.

The Dwarf Serbian Spruce has green needles and white striping.

It has a pyramidal structure and requires minimal pruning.

3. Cypress

cypress tree

Cypress trees vary in color from light blue-green to dark green.

Their hairlike needles overlap. They bear small cones.

Cypress trees are a favorite for birds.

The Hinoki Cypress is a compact, slow-growing shrub.

It is lush and green with a feathery texture and fan-shaped foliage.

The Hinoki Cypress is winter-hardy and pyramid-shaped.

The Leyland Cypress grows from one to six feet fall.

It grows about two to three feet per year. The Leyland Cypress does not tolerate shade well.

It grows in sunny, open conditions in most soil types.

4. Cedar

cedar tree

A cedar shrub can grow to be up to fifty feet tall. It has short, soft foliage.

Cedars can block wind, reduce noise, and create a beautiful background for your property.

The bark on cedars is reddish-brown and can be peeled off to ward off insects.

The Green Arrow Weeping Alaska Cedar is a popular choice for backyard privacy.

It has a slender girth and can grow to be up to 20 feet high.

It has weeping branches and a fanlike appearance.

The Eastern Red Cedar Tree has dark-green, scalelike needles.

It requires rich, moist, well-draining soils. It is used for landscapes and works well in seascape conditions.

5. Pine

pine tree

Pines have year-round beauty and a lovely aroma. They are hardy and have bundles of long, soft needles.

Young pines are pyramid-shaped, but they begin to lose their lower branches as they mature.

Pines can grow to be up to fifty feet or more in height.

The bark of pines is thick and scaly, with branches growing in a thick spiral around the trunk.

Pines work well in sandy soil, clay soil, and soil with a high PH.

They can even grow in a windy, exposed climate.

Chalet Swiss Stone Pines are slow-growing and have a beautiful form.

They have dense branches and long, blue-green needles.

They can grow to be up to eight feet high and four feet wide.

Chalet Swiss Stone Pines are great privacy screens.

They are hardy up to below forty degrees Fahrenheit.

The Green Penguin Dwarf Scotch Pine is another popular choice for backyards.

It can grow to be up to six feet tall. The Green Penguin Dwarf Scotch Pine is thick, hardy-and long-needled.

The Japanese Umbrella Pine can add a different look to your landscape.

It has shiny, dark evergreen needles. The Japanese Umbrella Pine requires little care.

It looks great alongside artfully planted flowers. The Mugo Pine can grow as high as ten feet high.

It has rich, deep needles that look great all year long. Mugo Pines can grow to be as high as ten feet tall.

They grow best in full sun and well-drained soil.

6. Fir

fir tree

Fir trees have long needle-like twigs that attach to their bases.

They are flat and whitish on the bottom. Their cones stand up like candles.

The Golden Korean Fir has flat needles and golden-green color.

It grows best in full sun and moist, well-drained soil.

The Frasier Fir has beautiful dark-green needles and a beautiful pyramid shape that is popular for Christmas trees.

It is native to Eastern North America.

The Best Evergreen Trees for Your Yard

The best evergreen trees for your hard are soft, hardy, and easy to care for.

With so many varieties in color and size, these shrubs will provide privacy, beauty, and fragrance to even the simplest landscape with minimal effort.

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