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An At-Home Getaway: 10 Entertainment Room Ideas

Ideas for entertainment room

Having a media or entertainment room can not only increase your home’s value, but it’s also a great way to save money on going out.

The best part about an entertainment room? You can design it however you like. From cozy bar decor to a retro-themed arcade or even a jungle hideaway, there are plenty of design options to choose from.

If you’re looking for entertainment room ideas, then here are ten great ideas for making your media room stand out.

Add an Indoor Slide

This is totally Google-esque, but it’s one of the easiest ways to ensure that your entertainment room stands out from the rest.

Imagine welcoming guests into your game room by asking them to slide down a slide to get to the entrance. If that isn’t one of the best game room ideas ever then we don’t know what is.

While this might seem like a large task to take one, installing a slide in your own home is actually a pretty easy DIY project.

Opt for a Pool Table

Nothing says relaxation like a pool table in your game room. They’re the perfect mixture of elegance and hometown bar vibes.

As an added plus, pool tables are actually a pretty practical way for kids to learn about angles. So, this one doubles as a teachable toy even when your kids are in trouble.

If you don’t have enough space, try mounting your TV units on the wall. This is a great way to make floor space for your pool table while also giving the room more of a pool hall feel.

Create a Secret Entrance

Instead of simply having a door that leads to your entertainment room, you can DIY a unique secret entrance.

All you have to do is build around the actual door itself. You can, for example, turn the door into a painting, or you can even build around the door to create a Doctor Who phonebooth box.

The options are endless, and they don’t cost much to complete if you can get creative.

Make Use of Vertical Space

Bunk beds and lofts aren’t just for the little ones. Make use of vertical space by stacking up play spaces like you would with bunk beds.

If your ceilings aren’t that high and you don’t feel like you’re going to have enough headspace up top, then turn it into a lay-down library. Your kids can crawl up, lay down, and read or draw.

Or, use it simply as a way to create handy storage you might need if you plan on stocking that game room bar.

Focus on Comfort

You can think of plenty of ideas for entertainment room decor but if they’re not centered around comfort then you’re wasting your time.

Focus on introducing decorations, colors, and furniture that induce a feeling of comfort, no matter how luxurious you’re trying to make the space.

Bar-themed entertainment rooms can still have comfortable armchairs and warm, fuzzy lighting. Movie theater-themed rooms can still feature cozy reclining chairs and stadium seating.

Take it Outside

If you have an outdoor shed or a garage that’s separated from the house, you can clear it out and turn it into a game room.

Some of the best game room design ideas require a lot of space, making an exterior shed or garage perfect for housing a foosball table or a comfy L-shaped couch. You’ll want to be able to seat everybody when you’re hosting Game of Thrones viewing parties.

The ability to open the doors up to the backyard or a nice garden makes this idea even better, especially if you live in an area with warm, mild summers.

Create Play Areas

Creating little nooks in the form of alcoves or teepees can help organize the mess in each area. It’s also a nice way to help children focus on one thing at a time.

The added privacy is a plus, and if you build it right, you might even be able to cancel out some noise. That means that children can indulge in crafts while you’re watching the game on the big screen.

However, this doesn’t always have to mean that your children are hiding away doing something quiet. DIY a kids tool bench to give them something to build or work with, or add a fun dance area.

Invest in Great Lighting

It’s no secret that light affects our mood. This means that, when designing your own entertainment room, figure out what you want the mood to be.

Lamps are great for directing light where you want it to go or for creating a cozy reading corner. Under cabinet lighting is a simple, easy way to add elegance to space, especially if you choose an interesting color for the lights.

A build your own neon sign is pretty popular right now, and if you choose the right game room colors for the wall, you can create a unique and interesting combination of colors.

Pick Great Colors

Color selection can be tough, but you can stick to this guide:

  • Warm, Earthy Tones: Warm browns, cream colors and even deep shades of burgundy all create a sense of coziness. These are great if you’re thinking about turning your entertainment room into a home theater.
  • Bright, Bold Colors: If you want to create a sense of energy and life for a fun playroom, then opt for brighter colors. Mustard yellow, powder blues and even shades of green can work for this.
  • Neutral Whites & Greys: Neutral colors work best in an environment where you’re trying to transmit feelings of relaxation. If you’re going to build a cozy bar space or tranquility room, then go with neutral greys and rich, creamy white colors.

Whichever colors you go with, make sure they match your furniture and other decors first.

Add a Bar

No entertainment room ideas list would be complete without the mention of a bar.

If you have space, considering adding a full bar to the back of your game room. Add three to four barstools in the style of your decor and you’ll find that it’s a great place to destress and mingle with guests when they’re over.

If you don’t have as much space, try including a little cocktail cart alongside a comfortable armchair.

Entertainment Room Ideas You Can DIY

If you’re still looking for more entertainment room ideas, you can start by browsing our DIY section.

You’ll find a lot of great ideas that you won’t have to spend a lot of money to implement. This means that you can save money on the small things and invest it back into bigger purchases…like that slide we were talking about.

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