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Easy Steps to Make a Terrarium


Having plants around the house is one of the best ways to add some décor to your house. Terrariums, for example, are appealing and a great way to bring a natural garden into your house.

Many people are never sure what a terrarium is. Well, you can say that it’s a garden at your house.

The only difference is that the plants here are in an enclosed environment, preferably a glass container.

The transparent nature of the glass makes it look amazing. If you’re reading this article, most likely you’ve come across a terrarium and you’re scared of asking where you can buy one.

Well, it can be found in various stores. But, did you know that you can make yourself one? In fact, it’s the best way to go. Making a tiny garden is easy and fun.


Here re are  seven steps you should follow.


  • A transparent glass container of your desire
  • Tiny rocks/stones
  • Plant of your choice
  • Soil
  • Potting charcoal
  • Landscaping accessories
  • Funnel
  • Kitchen Tongs
  • Any fun accessory you may want to have in your tiny garden

Once you’ve everything ready, continue with the steps below. The process should not take you more than half an hour.


Step one: Clean the container

As stated earlier, you can use any clear glass container. Many people prefer using some old vases or glasses which is just fine. As long as the container is in good shape, you’re set to go. Also, you can go shopping for a different container. Check out the dollar store for some unique (and cheap!) options.

Once you find your container, the first step is cleaning it. Clean it thoroughly to ensure that no residues are left. Residues can interfere with the health of your plant. After you’re done with the cleaning dry the container.

Step two: Add the tiny stones/rocks

Once the container is fully dry, fill the bottom with some tiny stones or rocks. The tiny materials are essential as they act as a false drainage. With the materials in place, your plant won’t be flooded. It’s advisable to keep the depth of the of the stones at half an inch.

However, the depth is determined by the size of the container. Some large containers can take up to 2 inches. Also, remember to place the rocks carefully. They can break the container if released with too much force.

Step three: Add charcoal

Once you’re sure about the tiny stones, continue to cover them with some charcoal. Whether the charcoal is in the form of small granules or shards, it can work. Ensure that the tiny stones are covered completely. The charcoal pieces are essential. They act as a purifier to reduce fungi, bacteria, and odors.

Step four: Add soil

Add some soil to the vessel. Mostly, the type of soil doesn’t necessarily matter.

However, some plants such as succulents and cactus require a different type of soil. Therefore, if you’re planning on planting any of the two, be sure that you’ve acquired the appropriate bag of soil. The depth of the soil is based on the size of the plant.

You should add the soil to a depth that allows enough room for the plant’s roots, as well as, growth.

Step five: Plant

Step five is the most important. It is where you give the plant another life. So, if not done well, your plant may end up dying.

You should start by taking the plant out of the previous vase. Remove it gently to avoid breaking it into parts.

Once it’s out, break up the hard soil until you see its roots. If its roots happen to be longer than you expected, you can trim them. They will grow back. So, you shouldn’t worry about anything.

Using your finger, dig a hole in the newly prepared planting area.

The hole must be wide enough to allow space for the plant. Place the plant in the hole. Add some soil around the top. Compress the soil to ensure that it holds the plant properly.

Also, remember to place your plant away from the container’s edges. The leaves may touch the container and hence, interfere with the growth.

Tips on how to choose the right plant


Many people find themselves lost and not sure of which plant to pick for their terrarium. The truth is, some plants can do better than others and that’s based on the environment. But, here are some tips to help you choose the right plant.

a. Pick a plant that fits in your container

As stated earlier, it’s not ok for the leaves to touch the container’s sides. It can mess with the growth. Therefore, you should choose a plant that fits well in the container that you intend to use.

b. Go for slow-growing plants

You should have in mind that a container is enclosed and thus may not allow space for fast-growing plants. Hence, choose the slow-growing plants. The trick helps in reducing the burden that comes with maintaining the plant.

c. Choose plants that can cope with humidity

The enclosed nature of the container means that there will be the humidity. Therefore, when choosing your plant, be sure that it can handle the humidity. Otherwise, your plant may end up dead because you picked the wrong choice.

Step Six: Cover the plant with tiny stones/rocks or other accessories

Once you’re done with the planting, you should proceed to add some tiny rocks or stones over the plant.

The stones help when it comes to watering the plant. They reduce the water force and hence keeping the soil intact.

Also, you can add other accessories such as toys, moss, beads, shiny metals, sticks among many others. These accessories make the terrarium look unique and appealing.

Step seven: Clean the container and then water the plant

Once you’re done with the accessories, the last step is usually easy. All the above five steps may have dirtied the container. Therefore, some cleaning is necessary.

After all, the container should look presentable for everyone to see. Thus, you should wipe off any dirt that the vessel may have.

After you’re done with the cleaning, water the plant and your task is done. Go ahead and place the plant at a place of your choice and sit down to admire.

The use of terrariums as home décor has become common recently. Fewer people with no idea are always asking where they can get a terrarium.

With the steps given in this article, you can come up with a terrarium of your choice. Follow them carefully.

Once you’re done, remember to look after your plant to prevent it from wilting or dying.

Also, never place the décor in direct sunlight as it may end up ruining the life of the plant inside.

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