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9 Crafty DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas

Christmas is around the corner and this is the time to prepare for festivities and approaching winter holidays.

For many, Christmas is when people return to their loved ones and celebrate the joy of togetherness.

It is the time to bask in the sweet caresses of snowfall and the warmth of a bonfire.

The end of November brings with it the joy of preparing for Christmas and New Year.

Happy faces of loved ones, reunited families, the end of a year is no less than a carnival.

The advent of Christmas comes with the opportunity to put your artistic skills to good use and create something beautiful for your home.

Crafting Christmas ornaments by yourself not only makes your decoration unique but also gives it a personal touch.


In fact, to make your Christmas more ‘Christmasy’, you can ask your family members to join in with your arts and crafts.

This will provide you with an early opportunity to bond over with your family and friends.

To make your Christmas preparations even more blissful, here is the Best DIY Christmas Ornament tutorial for you.

However, be ready to get bombarded with questions from your guests, who would be left in awe with your DIY ornaments.

The ‘Do it Yourself’ products are very much in trend these days. It aids you in getting rid of unused items by making something new and beautiful out of them.

Little creativity and efforts combined together can result in creating useful items.

This article will give you a list of DIY ornaments, which are easy and fun to create with the help of basic household materials.

1. Jar Candles


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Candles have the most soothing appearance among all decorations. They add a sense of piousness to the place.

What could look better than a house lit with candles on Christmas eve?

A beautiful way to put them out for decor is by lighting up the candles in a colored jar. Glass jars or candy jars are present in almost every household.

You can paint a white jar with glass paint in vibrant colors and then light small candles inside them.

The setup looks aesthetically comforting. These jars can be kept on tables or hung on doors. You can place them as suited.

2. Wineglass Candles


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No candles at home? You don’t have to always run to the store. Here’s a trick that will make your life easy.

You can create your own candle in less than two minutes at home with your wine glasses, which aren’t just for sipping vino.

Pour some water in a wine glass, and then add a tincture of washable kids paint or food coloring into it.

Now, pour some oil into the glass. The oil will form a layer above the water.

Cut a small piece of candle thread and put it in oil with a plastic patch to make sure that the thread doesn’t sink.

Voila! Your candle is ready.

Light it up and place it with your other Christmas decorations.

Make sure that the bottom of your thread stays within the oil layer and doesn’t touch the water.

3. Yarn Star Ornaments


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Christmas decor and star ornaments go hand in hand. You can create colorful stars in the comfort of your home.

Cut out stars out of a piece of cardboard or an empty carton.

Apply glue to the star, and start wrapping it with yarn diagonally.

Wrap the yarn around the piece of cardboard completely, so that no part is left uncovered.

Once you create a thick layer of yarn around the star, you have made for yourself a yarn star, ready to be dangled on your walls and Christmas trees.

You can create stars of different colors as well as sizes. A funky way of using them is by covering your roof with these yarn stars.

You can hang them at uneven lengths. You can even add glitter to get a sparkling effect.

4. Gift Boxes


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Take small empty boxes and wrap them with a gift wrapping paper. Add a bow or a star on top of it.

You can also embellish it with beads. Create more and more similar boxes of different colors and sizes and scatter them around the house as part of your holiday decor.

They look extremely cute and lively, especially if you use many sizes. Keep colors complimentary among the boxes to really add to your decor – otherwise, they might look like they belong under the tree, ready to be opened Christmas morning!

5. Glitter Bulbs


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Almost every household has discarded old-school bulbs in the garage. It is time to put them to use. Search around to find as many as you can.

Apply glue around the circumference of the bulb, roll it in glitter of different colors, and then set it aside to dry.

The glitter bulb will be ready to glow and dazzle.

6. Bottle Lighting


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The simplest and easiest way of putting discarded bottles to use for Christmas decorations around the house is by inserting lights into them.

Beer bottles and soda bottles fill up the trash everywhere. Put the lights inside the bottles and tie them around.

Glowing lights inside glass bottles of various hues create a dramatically beautiful effect. They can form a canopy roof for your garden.

7. Silver Pine Cone Ornaments


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Pine cones have a unique shape and structure. Using them to beautify your household is an unusually inventive idea.

The pine cones will not only look good, but they will also surprise your guests with their atypical visual appeal.

At the edge of its leaf or needles, you can stick pompoms or thermocol (foam) balls and hang them on your Christmas tree.

It is an easy and a handy way to embellish a tree with something that comes from another tree.

8. Beaded/Pompom Wreath

Beads or pompoms – the good thing about them is that they both come in various colors. This reduces your effort, and they look lively on their own.

Weaving small wreaths out of pompoms or sticking beads on a wooden wreath is an idea worth trying to help your dull wreath grab some attention.

Stick or sew, that’s all you have to do, and colorful wreaths will be ready in a minute or two.

9. Birch Photo Slice Ornament


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Birch slices or wooden slices can be used in multiple ways.

The strength of the material allows it to be a friendly option for creating something to be used for long-term purposes as well.

Cut out birch slices and paste your family pictures on it. To protect the images, add a layer of a plastic sheet above them.

Paste the edges of the plastic sheet to the birch slice. Your customized ornaments frames are ready.

These can be hung anywhere inside your house. You can also write motivational quotes on it and hang it around your workplace or your study area.

These are a handful of DIY Christmas ornaments that you can prepare and use as decorations.

These DIY crafts would work as a trick to bring your family together to carry out an activity before the auspicious day kicks in.

More than just the ornaments, it will help you in making memories. Nothing can beautify your house more than the ornaments created by your own hands.

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