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Build a Homemade Camping Toilet

diy camping toilet

Those buckets we see in our daily lives can be of great use not just as a container but as a camping toilet as well. A five-gallon bucket is always great as it can be reengineered easily to result in a disposable toilet.

This is not it but a bucket can be redesigned for several DIY projects. However, today, this discussion is about how you can make a bucket your camping toilet.

Read out the write-up and have fun.

Items to Use

• Utility knife
• Heavy-duty wire cutters
• Clamp
• 1/2” polyethylene pipe wrap insulation
• Large compostable garbage bags
• Sawdust or any composting elements
• 5-gal. bucket with lid
• Roll of toilet paper

The Making Process

You first need to measure the bucket’s rim and cut the wrap insulation accordingly; this helps you to sit comfortably. Adjust the length later if you have to and make sure the insulation fits the bucket well.

To make the handle a tissue holder, slice it near the center so the tissue roll can go inside easily.

Now, get the compostable garbage bag and you need to line your bucket with this. The bag ensures that the bucket stays clean and all the content gets collected in the bag only.

You can line this bag in the way that it covers the interior of the bucket and comes under the wrap insulation for a secure hold.

This way, while sitting, the bag would stay in place and you can easily replace it with another bag whenever needed; the wrap insulation, however, remains the same for long.

Note: While disposing of the bag during camping, make sure the site allows to do so and you follow the local regulations.

Here the wrap insulation is optional but if you want a comfortable sitting then it is a must. the plastic rim is not comfortable enough, so it is advised that you wrap the insulation around the rim or something similar.

You can also use a toilet seat. There are seats in the market that comes for a typical 5-gallon bucket, and so they fit the rim very well.

The bucket also comes along and the toilet seat uses a lid that goes well with the bucket’s rim without sliding.

Make sure you have enough of the disposable bags and the tissue paper while you go camping. Also, it does not have to be a bucket all the time. Anything that can store the disposable bag and lets you sit comfortably can be used.

Don’t forget to have a separate bucket filled with sawdust or other elements like coffee grounds, food scraps, wood shavings, cereal hulls, etc. Pour the sawdust after every use so the composting job can get started and you don’t smell anything bad.

Use enough sawdust after every time you finish your business. If it smells then you are using less sawdust or there are no other organic materials.

Keep the bucket clean and sanitize it after every use. Place the waste in a proper place as it should not be near any growing edibles or fruits and vegetables.

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