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The Sweetest of Dreams: 6 Comfy Bedroom Makeovers You Need to See and Try

Bedroom makeover ideas

Your bedroom is where you spend a third or more of your life. That’s a conservative estimate for us homebodies.

It’s your sanctuary. A place to get away from work, the kids, and anything else you can lock behind a door. Invest in a place for you to escape — a haven to relax.

Making a comfortable suite can make for a better you. When’s the last time you had a restful sleep? Try out these tips that anyone can do for cozy-comfy bedroom makeovers.

Cluttered Bedroom, Cluttered Life

Tired of stepping over last year’s packing boxes? Did a neighborhood of ants move into your pile of dirty dishes at the base of your bed?

A messy room is unsightly and a burden of stress. The first step to making your room a comfy hideaway is clearing away clutter.

Reduce the amount of furniture in your room. Nobody needs three dressers.

Find creative ways to conceal things you don’t access frequently. Put your hamper away in the closet or outside of your room.

Your bedroom should have a side-table, a bed, and maybe a television. Cramping a house’s worth of stuff into your bedroom is uncomfortable. A minimal approach is easy on the mind and restful on the body.

Stick to 1 Color

Accent walls are fun. They’re exciting. They make for a visual division in design.

Don’t put them in your bedroom. A bedroom needs to be a unifying place of relaxation.

The color also influences your mood. A soft blue is a dreamy color; try that. Avoid vibrant colors like yellows and reds, they’re too hyperactive.

Having the same paint on the walls can get boring. A fresh coat can be a great way to give your room a new paradigm of comfort.

No Work Allowed

Set some ground rules for your paradise retreat. It’s supposed to be a sanctuary, remember?

It can be tough escaping the daily grind, to leave work at work. But don’t let your bedroom become your second office.

If you’re thinking of turning that reading nook into a place for a desk — don’t.

The Lighting

A fun way to change the atmosphere of your room is with lighting.

A relaxing yellow light can set the mood for the evening. A bright white light is a clean, sterile aesthetic.

Don’t be shy with your creativity. Try LED lighting for different effects and a broader gamut of color. It’s your room; if a pulsating purple light pacifies you, turn it on.

Make A Little Spot

If you’ve got the room for a corner to yourself, make it yours.

A comfy reading cove or even a beanbag next to your bed can be a fun place to chillax. Being in your room is comfy, but you shouldn’t spend all of your time in bed.

A room divider is a cheap, but effective, way to create your own corner. A tufted chair and a nice lamp hidden away can make for a comfy spot.

Most Important Tip for Bedroom Makeovers

Buy yourself a dang good bed. It might not be the cheapest investment upfront, but it’s such a worthy cause.

Apparently nowadays you can find some of the best mattresses under 1000 dollars in the market.

Your day-to-day self deserves a happy sleep each night. Don’t sleep on a decade old mattress that’s jabbing you with broken springs.

Try different types of mattress before you purchase something pricey. Try TempurPedic for memory foam softness. 

Get a mattress that’ll make you happy you’re going to sleep.

Good Night!

Make your bedroom into a sanctuary. It should be a hideaway from the woes and stress of every day. Try our tips for bedroom makeovers.

A comfy bedroom should be clear of clutter and without the worries of work. It needs cozy lighting and coat of paint with a corner just for you. And don’t skimp on mattresses.

Try some other DIY projects to renovate your home and life.

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