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15 DIY Snowflake Decorations

DIY snowflake

It’s already been a couple weeks or more since Christmas decorations have been put back into storage. My home always feels so bare without the lights and greenery and colorful ornaments.

Which is why I have grown to love decorations that are multi-functional for both Christmas and the entire Winter season!

Snowflakes are one of the best Winter decorations that can be left up all season long.

To encourage your Winter crafting, here are my favorite 15 DIY snowflake decorations!


Wood is one of those organic elements that make a house feel like a home.

It’s sturdy, comforting, and can match practically every style. I love the idea of a reclaimed wooden snowflake for my front porch (1), with a matching mini version for my mantle (2).

The snowflake shelf (4) is a great piece for that “seasonal spot” in your home….you know, the place where you change the decorations every few months.

My seasonal spot is right next to my front door: a bunny sign for Easter, candles for summer, a leaf wreath for fall, and Christmas figurines for December. Maybe I’ll add this snowflake shelf to my collection for Winter.

But don’t overlook how cute the clothespin glitter snowflake is (3). I don’t think it’d be any trouble to find a spot for this darling home accessory!

DIY snowflake

1, 2, 3, 4


When you think snowflakes, you probably envision freshly fallen snow, and paper snowflakes!

Every child has crafted a unique snowflake out of folded white paper. Bring out your inner child, plus grab your real kids, to jump start on this project! But let’s take it up a notch for your home decor.

Use colorful or printed craft paper (1) or giant butcher paper (4) to create custom snowflakes for every room in your home.

Cardboard (2) and cardstock (3) are also perfect for these tutorials, and if you get a Fiskars cutting mat here and a craft knife it will help some of those small interior cuts be easier to make.

Where will you hang your first snowflake? I’m thinking that my living room window will be the perfect spot in my home!

DIY snowflake

1, 2, 3, 4

Fabric, Ribbon, and String

Here’s where the DIY snowflakes take a fun twist. Branch out from paper and delve into other resources.

String art (1) has been poplar for a while now. Why not try your hand at a snowflake? Simply print off a pattern, add the nails, and go to town!

If you prefer using fabric, a giant star (2) or felt designs (4) are a unique way to use your talents for sewing.

But don’t fear, even newbie seamstresses can accomplish this DIY! And for all of you lovers of yarn, have a hay day with hand-crafted crocheted snowflake ornaments (3). Adorn your door handles, light fixtures, hardware, and walls with these fancy and fun crafts.

1, 2, 3, 4

Glass, Ribbon, and Hot Glue

If you really want to add unique snowflakes to your home, do so with glass, ribbon, and hot glue!

Ribbon (1) can be fashioned into a delicate snowflake, similar to paper or fabric. But don’t overlook the intricate woven detail in the center!

Etch (3) your favorite snowflake design onto a candle holder, drinking glass, or picture frame.

And if you happen to have a slight obsession with hot glue (2), you will fall in love with these hot glue snowflakes. I think these would look elegant strung in a bunting along a picture window or above a fire place.

1, 2, 3

What kind of snowflakes did you craft as a kid? How do you incorporate snowflakes into your Winter decorations? Make your favorites with your family today.

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