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World Globe Decoupage Makeover

Well the two twin sisters, Malissa and Machelle from A Large Gathering Of Happy Things, just answered a question I posed to my husband last week. What are we going to do with the globe, collecting dust on top of the bookcase, now that the kids are all grown? These crafty twins put their heads together and made this inspiring Floral Quote Globe using some paint, wrapping paper, and decoupage.

They had originally seen the globe at Anthropologie, but the price was too much for their budget. The picture from Antropologie is no longer available, so we will assume that it looked a lot like the one Malissa and Machelle re-purposed. With step by step instructions and wonderful close up pictures, you will be able to replicate your own version of this globe makeover.

I cannot wait to go find a quote and some great paper to re purpose my globe. Thanks Malissa and Machelle, you crafted a great solution to my dusty globe problem.

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