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Wooden Shutter Wall Decor

Do you have large walls with blank spaces and a modern farmhouse decor? Then these barn door shutters may help fill that large wall area and ad aesthetic appeal. Michelle from the Painted Hinge shares with us her instructions on how she took old fencing and constructed these beautiful shutters.


The trick to getting them to look weathered was to water down here acrylic paint to the consistency of milk. She states the following about using the acrylic.

“because whitewash will soak into the porous fence board wood and allow some of the natural patina to show through.”

Once she had them painted all that was needed was a couple of decorative wreaths to add some color. They covered the large wall area outside of her window space and added a farmhouse charm.


Pine boards from the local hardware store will also work for this if you do not have access to weathered wood.

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