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Wood Tiered Display Stand

Jeanette from Homa Style created a three-tiered display stand similar to one she had purchased from Pottery Barn. Not only is Jeannette’s tier a knock-off, it’s also a repurpose made from an old bed spindle and leftover pine. Jeanette actually prefers the size of the one she made better, which demonstrates the beauty of DIY. You can build it any way you want it!

wood three tiered display

Jeanette was inspired by the retired Wooden Garden 3-Tier Stand from Pottery Barn.

pottery barn garden 3-tier stand

See how Jeanette made hers at Homa Style.

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Wednesday 25th of July 2012

Thank you Beckie for featuring my wood tiered display. Love what can happen when a bunch of women come together.

jojo durafourt

Tuesday 24th of July 2012

The tiered knock off or repurposed is my mother in law. Way to go you have always been resourceful and come up with great items.

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