Wood Bead Chandelier

Jeanette from Home Style adored a chandelier decked out with wooden beads from Pottery Barn and happened to have an old chandelier hanging outside with a similar metal framework. Jeanette combined parts from the chandelier with a tuna can and almost 600 wooden balls of varying sizes to create her custom chandy. It’s amazing how similar Jeanette’s chandelier looks to her Pottery Barn inspiration!

diy wood bead chandelier

Jeanette was inspired by the Elena Wood Bead Chandelier from Pottery Barn.

Elena Wood Bead Chandelier

Check out the tutorial at Homa Style.


  1. Thank you for sharing my chandelier! It was fun to make. Love all the creative finds on your website.

  2. Nice…

  3. It’s gorgeous! So creative and the result is so fun! Great tips too!