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Wire Word Wall Art

When Rachel from Craving some Creativity came across cool wire script art from Anthropologie, she knew there was no way she was dropping $40 on a simple wall decoration.

Plus, it was too small for her space. You know what that means – DIY time!

Rachel purchased some wire and bent it to spell the word “dream” for her guest bedroom. Not too bad for only $6 and 30 minutes!

wire word wall art

The thing about word art is it can go in literally any room of the house. Bedrooms, family rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms and even hallways.

One of the inspiration examples reads “Bon Appétit”, which of course is perfect for the kitchen or eating area. Rachel chose the word “Dream” for her guest room, to help visitors feel relaxed and comfortable for the night.

You get to be as original as you want when adorning your walls with special words. When it’s DIY, you truly get to customize it. This is something you don’t often get when purchasing the pre-done product.

Rachel was proud of her version costing less than $10 as compared to the $40 you’d have to spend on the original. Good savings, Rachel!

Dream wired wall art

What about supplies?

Super easy. Some silver wire from the hardware store and some thin nails to hang it. A wire cutter is needed to cut off excess, but other than that this doesn’t take much.

What’s the wire size?

For the wire, it just needs to be any stiff wire that will stay in it’s new position when bent. You’ll want a 10-Gauge rated wire. This is about 2mm in diameter.

Rachel used a hard floor when “writing” out her word so that everything remained even as she styled her letters.

She also didn’t have any breaks between her letters. It’s a pure cursive font that strings together continuously until the end.

I like her shadow effect. She created this with longer nails that just came out enough from the wall to provide a gap between the wall and the wire.

A few more tips…

Think about your wall color before you hang the silver wire. While creating the gap helps add some depth, it’s still a pretty thin strand of wire.

Combined with a silver tone that takes on the reflections of the room, it may be hard to see against a neutral or light colored wall. Just check out Rachel’s photos…

Consider a darker color for the wall behind it, or maybe a way to light it with a kind of spotlight. Make it shine and stand out, not cause people to squint and wonder what’s going on up there!

Rachel was inspired by the Wire Script Sculpture from Anthropologie.

wire script sculpture

Go to Craving some Creativity for all the details on creating your own wire writing on the wall (yes, I had to say it!).

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