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Create A Window Pane Mirror

Do you need a statement piece for an empty wall in your house?

Would you like the statement piece to also be practical and not cost a fortune?

If this describes you, then see what Layla from theletteredcottage has done with only a little time and a very little cost.

Inspired by a similar mirror from Ballard Designs, Layla not only made her own, she created an awesome tutorial that you can follow yourself.

Her tutorial on how to create a window pane mirror using an inexpensive wall mirror she purchased is interesting and will inspire you to fashion your own statement piece.

Layla constructed her mirror using 3 door mirrors and molding she cut into 9 pieces.

She spray painted both sides of the molding pieces black to match the mirror frame. The nine pieces of molding were then glued to the mirror using scrap wood pieces as “spacers” to ensure the molding was straight and evenly spaced.

Heavy-duty double-sided foam tape was placed on the back of each mirror section, and then they were mounted to the wall to create one large mirror.

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