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Why Do Some People Choose to Live in Quonset Huts?


Quonset huts are not actually like traditional wooden huts, but they are metallic buildings that use corrugated metal as their core material. The whole building looks like an elongated semicircle.

It might look like an airshed, but it’s spacious enough for you to comfortably live in. You’ll be surprised to know that Quonsets have stood the test of time and proven itself to be one of the sturdiest buildings that you can live in.

It wasn’t really a commercial design as it was initially made for the US Navy to allow them to provide a sturdy building that can easily be assembled and disassembled at any given time.

They weren’t originally made for people to live inside, but after the Second World War, it became more popular as residential properties. If you’re wondering why people choose to live in metallic semicircular huts,

Here are a few reasons:


Quonset huts are considered one of the strongest structures that can be built; if the military thought it was tough, then you can rest assured that it will be able to withstand whatever nature throws at it.

The steel combined with certain architectural arching can provide it with a lot of support, whether during an earthquake or hailstorms.

Unlike wooden structures, their strength isn’t dependable on trusses and other support elements, which means you’ll get to take advantage of the extra space if you decide to make it your home.


If you’re the DIY type, then building your own Quonset hut is going to be one great experience. Other than saving all the money you’d give to workers; you’ll build it according to your custom specifications down to the last line.

Since you’ll be depending on steel building price data to determine your budget, according to the resources you can get, it’s easy to customize the size and type of materials used. The price increases a bit if you decide to hire workers to help you out.

Those who are looking to move into a Quonset as their permanent home will have to build a medium-sized hut that allows for living comfortably with different compartments; setting you back around $40,000.

A pretty large Quonset hut with more than one floor that can fit a big family will only cost you about $100,000.



It’s very important to understand that those who choose to live in Quonset huts do so because they want as much freedom as possible without getting into debt because of a huge loan for a luxurious house. The number of elements that you can customize in your own hut is limitless.

Whether you’re thinking about customizing the interior living space by adding rooms or painting the exterior, it should cost you much less than it would with a traditional house.

Many even opt for environment-friendly materials that allow both the construction and removal of Quonset huts to be harmless against the landfill.

Other than the bragging rights of living in a comfy Quonset hut, you’ll get to let your inner designer come out as you’re building it.

Whether you’re looking for a unique design, customizability, affordability, or sturdiness, going with Quonset huts can be one of the best decisions you’ll take, as long as you’re ready to think out of the box.

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