Why I Am Truncating My Feed

I am really hating to have to do this.  I know some of you are going to be ticked, and others of you will unfollow me and stop reading altogether.  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.  But my hand has been forced and I can no longer can stop it.stolen-web-content


This week I found my entire blog (Infarrantly Creative) on three other aggregator sites.  What is an aggregated site? Well in my opinion – a vicious way to make money by stealing other people’s entire content.  Usually these are highly popular sites because they steal the best of the best and showcase it all in one place. I have fought them hard in the past.  I reported some to Google, wrote emails asking my feed to be removed, etc.  It is just becoming rampant.  I spent 6 hours this week trying to get my content (that I worked my behind off) off other people’s sites. 

What is worse is that my other site, Roadkill Rescue and this site have been scraped too.  I got three emails this week from upset people that I have featured when they realized that their content went viral on Pinterest only for the pin to go back to the wicked site, which didn’t even take them back to my site or theirs. 

Not only do I need to protect my content but I have to protect the people I feature.  I have these two feature sites with the goal of showcasing other people’s talent and I can’t have that content scraped or it devalues what I do as well as what you do.

So what does this mean for you?  As of tomorrow, this means that the only way you can read the posts is to come directly through to my url.  If you read me on Google Reader you will have to click through to read it.  If you subscribe via email you will have to click on that link to see the entire post.

So I hope you understand and will consider coming to my site each day. Yes it is inconvenient. Yes it is a few more clicks. Yes it sucks.

Thank you for those who will stick with me.  You continued support means the world to me. I hope the content is inspiring enough that you will make this change with me.


  1. Sorry this happened to you. Mean people suck 🙁

  2. A few extra clicks is not a big deal at all to see your posts. I hope that takes care of the issue for you. Thanks for sharing the information. I had no idea this was going on until yesterday. Just awful.

  3. Between Naps on the Porch was just discussing how she had been scraped, as you say, without being given credit or linked back to from the “shared” post. I don’t mind typing a bit and you’re worth the effort. Shame on those lazy folks, stealing your thunder and creativity.

  4. Most of the blogs I read make us click thru anyway. No prob!

  5. Kara't ha says:

    I’ll be unsubscribing. I read over 300 blogs and I don’t have time to click thru to every one of them. I’m sorry that your feed is beign stolen, but punishing your readers for the actions of a few is not the answer. I’m sorry, because I like your blog. But as I said, I just don’t have time otherwise.

    • Obviously don’t like it *that* much then 😉
      two extra seconds. Oh my.

      • There’s loads of research literature that supports loss of audience with increased clicks (or any action that must be initiated by user). Basically, the *decision* to take action is the obstacle, regardless of the manifestation (loss-of-interest, grumpiness, feelings of pressure, etc) of the response,

    • considering this that clicking thru to the blog is what SUPPORTS the blog, I think some clicks are more than reasonable!

    • @Kara’t ha – “Punishing”? You think clicking a mouse a couple extra times is a form of punishment? Wow…sounds like you have a ton of free time on your hands if you can sit around & read “over 300 blogs”…You just sound lazy to me. Instead of unsubscribing from Beckie’s blog, why don’t you do yourself a huge favor and unsubscribe from being a douche bag.

    • Bye Kara, we’ll miss you!

  6. You are worth a few extra clicks! There are few e-mails I look forward to reading and yours is one of them! What these people are doing is so wrong, I’m sorry for the pain it has caused you!

  7. Normally, I don’t follow truncated feeds (I use Google Reader like crazy), BUT because you took the time to explain why, I will gladly keep following you.

    Thank you for explaining your reasons for doing it – they make complete and total sense, and I don’t blame you one bit for it.

  8. I hate that you have to do that, but I am sure folks will click through 🙂 It so stinks, but totally understandable!

  9. I will continue to follow you. You are one of my favorites and I will continue to use both of your sights. You are really a pretty neat person you post high end DIY blogs. I think you are one of those few people that are very generous to do this and I thank you for it. I hate it this has happened to you.

  10. Pam Shipman says:

    I don’t have a web sight or a blog. I am one who enjoys your blog tremendously. I am very sorry you have had to go through all this. I hope everything improves for you.

  11. A question…I have linked on Pinterest things here…do you wish to stop using it for your blog? I really would hate to make it worse.

    • Oh no that is fine. Because if it goes back to my site it will still give pageviews to the people i feature.

  12. Will we still be able to see your headlines in google reader? That is my one stop reminder to go visit blog sites I love. Typically I “click through” anyway but it lets me know in advance if I actually want to read the article.

    Thanks and sorry your content is being stolen. Thieves suck.

    • Yes and I am working hard on a teaser post so you can see whether you want to click through or not.

  13. I will always gladly click through any of your blogs Beckie, and as someone who submits to your sites I appreciate you protecting not only our own but also other blogger’s work!

  14. Sherrie – Linking things to pintrest from the originating site is a good thing – it promotes their blog and helps them make money. Absolutely keep pinning from her blog. That helps her! 🙂
    The key is to “pin it” from the original site so they are properly credited and people click through to the original content creator.

    The problem is when people take content, post the entire project and never mention the original creator at all. Then the thieves pin their OWN website so it drives traffic to themselves instead of the the original author.

    • I appreciate that! I am not a blogger but I love sharing the information. I have made so much From these creatinpve women. And I am grateful. Thank You I will always go to the original blog. : )

  15. No worries! You do what you need to do, I will still be visiting!

  16. This really sucks- one of my favourite things to do every morning is read your blog on my iPhone with Flipboard!! I will try and remember to check your site but if I can’t read it on Flipboard it’ll be difficult.

  17. Totally understand and agree with you! No problem at all clicking over!!! 🙂

  18. Worth the extra clicks for sure. Sorry that people do that…I just don’t get it!

  19. Stacia Reagan says:

    You are ABSOLUTELY worth the extra clicks! I am more than happy to continue visiting everyday.

  20. Sorry you are having so much trouble. You are totally worth the extra clicks. I love your stuff!

  21. You are absolutely doing the right thing. This is a huge problem and if enough people stand up against rampant lazy copy & paste, then the culture will change. Your content is good enough to weather the change. You rock!

  22. It does stink that people do that. I wondered why we got some partial blogs and other full blogs. Now I get it. But really, it is only another click or two to see the whole thing. It’s no big deal to the reader and a huge big deal to protect yourself and those you feature. Of course I’ll keep following you. I love your blog!

  23. Ugh, how nasty, so sorry you are being ripped off so often! People who appreciate you will keep on coming – that includes me!

  24. Supporting you from South Africa. Stand up for what’s right. So sorry about what is happening with your sites. I enjoy your content immensely and hope this will not disparage you in the least. I for one certainly won’t mind taking the detour. The journey with you have been more than scenic, panoramic even. This is just another adventure. Hope your other fans will join in.

  25. You are doing what you have to do… I will click and visit!

  26. Can we still pin your stuff if we choose as long as we keep the link to your site? Love love love what you do!

  27. I am so sorry about all the intellectual theft. I had a somewhat similar experience after listing my house to rent (I ended up moving for grad school 2 years after purchase. d’oh!) Imagine my surprise when I started getting messages from people who wanted to see the house!

    Can you explain why truncated posts prevent webscraping? Thanks!

    • Oh, and with truncated posts, I probably won’t be reading as much. I love your blog, but have noticed with another blog that I adore that it’s really easy to inadvertently skip over content with a short gReader teaser =/

      • I understand and will do my best to show you a teaser so you can decide whether or not you want to click over.

    • Because people have software that can take your entire feed and publish it to their blog. If I don’t give me entire feed out they can’t auto pull it anymore. It doesn’t stop everyone. they can manually do it but most of the time they will find another blogger to scrape.

  28. I was always surprised I didn’t have to click through anyway. Sorry people are stealing. Good luck.

  29. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this – rude people!
    I follow with BlogLovin’…will your stuff still show up?

  30. Beckie-I absolutely HATE this for you! I have no problem with the truncated feed-as hard as you work on your blogs, I always click thru since reader numbers are how you are paid. You are the third blogger that I have read this weekend that has been scraped!!!! Take care and try not to get too discouraged, people generally reap what they sow.

  31. PC Carraway says:

    I have a Daily Sites list, just put you on it and understand your decision.

  32. You do so much to brighten my day, it is worth a few extra clicks!!

  33. Kathleen K says:

    I understand your dilemma. Do what you must. However, I find myself skipping many truncated feeds because I cannot tell from the title and summary what it is about. Time is precious, and I don’t appreciate feeling as if I wasted it. You are worth my time….I find so many great ideas here!

    • Kathleen I am working really hard to get a title and picture up so you can see if it is “worth your time.” Bear with me though the coding is killer.

  34. I don’t know if this will help anyone as I am pretty computer illiterate, but I just put my favorite sites’ homepages under “my favorites” on my computer and I don’t have to go in search of anything. the newest update is right there. Beckie, Don’t apologize for something that you have no control over. Your true fans will stick with you and the whiners will be weeded out. All of us would hate to have an original idea stolen and paraded around by a thief. You fans have your back!

    • I do the same thing. Your 3 sites are on my ‘favorite’ ‘list so I always come to the site to read them. I’m so sorry you are having this trouble. You have great content on your site, so I’m not surprised that others want to steal your work.

  35. That is awful! I had never heard of those aggregator sites and I totally get why you’re doing it. I love your blog and will still come to read it. I follow you on bloglovin so I have to click to your site anyways (that wont change right?)
    I’m really sorry this happened to you!

  36. No biggie! I bookmarked you anyway. What I find slightly mind blowing is that I didn’t realize that you also blog at infarrantly creative which I follow on pinterest. Kind of an aha moment for me ;).

  37. I’ll still be following you! 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  38. Can’t understand why a click is too much work for someone. After you put all the work you do into your blog, how could we say we aren’t going to follow you? Sorry there are such people in this world that steal anything that isn’t nailed down. Keep up your great work and please don’t be discouraged. You are much loved and appreciated.

    • I follow over 1000 sites for different reasons, some for one of my jobs, some for my second job, some for local/political news and some for personal reasons. Many of these are just headlines I skim waiting for a relevant story (sorry work but I just don’t care that much) and many are projects I clearly want to learn more about when I see a good preview so I click over to give the blog the hits. My skimming process takes about 30-40 minutes where I save a bunch of tabs to read later and good links can easily be lost.

      When people truncate feeds I often see something in my reader like “NEW PROJECT- READ MORE” and that doesn’t help me in my flipping through to decide if this is worth clicking over. I often can’t even read the full name of the blogger publishing the feed. Many bloggers that truncate find ways to include a teaser photo and a small 2-3 line teaser text block so I’m interested enough or can recognize the blogger/project and I will definitely click over. Some do not offer that courtesy or they might not even know how.

      I don’t know how this blog will end up truncating but you asked why a click over can be too much work and I’m sharing why. I won’t unfollow in reader because I’ve read this site since before I can remember but I do hope the truncating doesn’t have to affect me and how much I like to follow this blog.

      • Yes Julie I am hoping to get that teaser up for you. Do you know any blogs who do that? I would love to talk to them about how they code it.

  39. Well something really good came out of something really stinky. I had no idea this blog existed! How fun!!! I am looking forward to exploring it all when I have some time, but in the mean time, I am signed up to get it in my email. What a great blog you have built here!

  40. Wow! I never knew that kind of stuff could happen. :-/ I’ll still be coming here every time there is a new post!

  41. I’m not happy that you were forced to do this, but I respect you immensely for finding a way to stop theft of ideas and work you created. It is sad that some people try to benefit from this and that you were not supported enough by the websites to stop them. I really wish there was a way to publish the names of those sites so that we can make decisions about supporting their publishing, products, etc.
    I am so new to this whole business that I am not sure even what some of your terminology is, but I have known right from wrong since I was 5 years old. I will follow you in whatever manner you publish and I hope that others will follow your lead.

  42. I’m very sorry this keeps happening to good bloggers like you. I suggest following your own site through email and your feed reader so you can double check the previews your readers are getting just to make sure they match up with what you are willing to share. Sometimes finding the right truncate settings can be annoying!

    • Oh you have no idea sister! I am trying to get the formatting right. It may take a few days so bear with me.

  43. Question: I don’t know about these tech things but I had read the one about the girl who made an ottoman out of a tire and rope. i sent the link to the blog to a friend of mine in Atlanta and she was amazed and then started following you. I was trying to remember what the post looked like and googled it and found the tutorial on Apartment Therapy. Did they do what you are talking about or did they have it legit? I’m sorry this happens and I really don’t mind at all following your instructions to see what you’ve put together for our enjoyment. Let us know how we can help.

    • Know AT is pretty much on the up and up and they send traffic back to your site. I am not referring to feature sites which give a photo and then a link back, but rather sites that take all of your content and publish it.

  44. judith hall says:

    What a total bummer! What is up with people who feel stealing is the only way to get ahead?! I’d like to line them all up and smack the sap out of all of them!!! I am SO non-computer savvy, I’m at the level my 30 yr. old son was when he was in 4th grade. I subscribe to your blog (which I love) via e-mail. I don’t know if this means I will continue t receive it or not…I hope so!

    • Yes you will receive it but you will have to click on the link to be taken directly to my site to read it in its entirety.

  45. So sorry this is happening to you! You know, I always “click” through to the actual post anyway because I figure reading it off my email or my reader doesn’t really do the blogger any good in terms of page views. My teeny way of contributing a little.

  46. So sorry this is happening to you! I usually click through from my email to the actual post anyway because I prefer reading it on your site rather than my email, so this won’t bother me one bit! 🙂

  47. I guess I’m still in the 20th century. I didn’t know there was any other way to read an entire post that I want to read other than by clicking on it and enjoying it from beginning to end. I’m not interested in summaries. I visit the sites I like on a regular basis and stop and read, savoring it as I do so. You do a fabulous job here and truly, I do not think that changing your format is going to impact your readers and fans. We all knows about the trials and tribulations of running a blog, etc. on today’s internet. It’s the wild wild west and no Wyatt Earp in sight, unfortunately.

  48. Marie Cheek says:

    Not so sure I really understand what’s going on. I get the part about someone is stealing stuff from you. But not sure who. Sometimes I see web sites that feature something by someone else but there is a link to the other site that the info came from so I’m guessing these woudn’t be the culprit. Anyway, I’m sorry that you are being stolen from. I don’t mind a couple of extra Clicks.

    • Yes those are the good kind of sites. The sites i am referring too take the entire post.

  49. Well said . . . I always ‘click’ over to the website if there is something interesting and I trust you will do this! Thank you for explaining the complicated!

  50. Alison Folendore says:

    You do what you have to do. I will continue to read! The only way I follow blogs anyway is by saving them to my favorites and just click down the list. I don’t like feeds and email subscriptions. I do like seeing links on facebook back to blogs too! Don’t get down about some of the comments about reading too many blogs and they don’t have time, if they are reading that many blogs a day then they are not really reading it. If they content is important to someone they will keep reading!

  51. I have always luked here and not commented, but this topic is making me come out of the closet! I appreciate how much work bloggers put into their sites and am certainly willing to make a couple of extra clicks to have access to all this awesome, FREE information and the FREE tutorials. I’m sorry that this has happened to you and hope you won’t worry too much about the few people who aren’t willing to click through – they obviously don’t appreciate all of your hard work to begin with.

  52. I do what some others have said. I have a favorites list for different sites (blogs, news, etc.) and that is how I read all my favs. Sorry this is happening. Yours is at least the third blog I have read today talking about this theft.

  53. I will totally click over to read this blog. I think it’s fab and I get a lot of inspiration from it. Sorry you got ripped off. What is wrong with people?!?

  54. I’m probably going to get shot down for this but…. does nobody else spot the irony in you complaining about having your content scraped from a blog called ‘knock off decor’ where you actively promote copying other people’s designs?

    Don’t get me wrong, i’m not in any way advocating what the ‘scrapers’ are doing, but don’t the designers who devote their careers developing a sense of design deserve the same respect for their intellectual property which you claim for your content?

    You lose advertising revenue and search engine ranking because your original content is copied on the ‘scrapers’ website, and the artist who’s designs you advocate copying loses sales of their original product.

    Morally, I’m unable to see a huge difference here?

    • Dave,
      Good point I have thought long and hard about it and I can TOTALLY see your point. I am showcasing the projects other people have done that were inspired by magazines and artists. I clearly say that we don’t promote selling the designs but it is rather for your own home. But I can totally see your point and you have me thinking for sure.

      • I guess there’s taking inspiration, and then there’s downright copying which for me is what the site name and some of the articles content implies. I hope you don’t think I was being judgmental, if it’s got you thinking then I’m pleased i put my head above the parapet, thanks for taking it in the spirit it was intended.

        • Nice pic 🙂 Nope I am not offended at all. I do constantly check my motives because you are right sometimes I do blog out of both sides of my mouth. Sometimes I think “well that doesn’t apply,” or “it is different.” Having a site that showcases other people’s knock off’s of catalog inspiration is…copying. However, at the core of who I am, I really do feel like imitation is the highest form of flattery. I love it when people take my ideas from my other site (Infarrantlycreative.net) and make it themselves. That to me is empowering. I have found my ideas being sold on etsy and find my posts copied word for word and it really makes me pull back the curtain and examine if I reallllllly believe that to be true. So…yah…it is an interesting one for sure. Out of curiosity do you read my blog? How did you end up commenting?

          • I am really glad you addressed that question Beckie. I must admit I had a very similiar reaction to the post that Dave did. I remember reading Ana White had some hassles about this originally as well. I think this is something that bloggers like yourself and Ana do need to address openly, so it is good to see your thought process.

            In saying that I have to say I a just as guilty as ‘stealing’ the ideas of decor items from these sites, however I make no money off them.

          • Yah it is a tough one. I go back and forth all the time about it. Maybe I justify the fact that I don’t sell any of the stuff I make and don’t promote selling copycats. All of the stuff on the site is stuff people have already done that I just simply promote. But I never promote taking the designs and selling them. A gray area maybe? I don’t know. Anyway I appreciate your thoughts and hope to always remain true to the principal that “imitation is the highest form of flattery.” I will say I have to have a gut check when people copy my ideas without giving me credit though. I am human I suppose.

  55. I stopped in to comment on how this is not inconvenient at all, one more click no biggie. Sure it is nice to see the photo and decide whether or not you want to check it out right then but I’m staying!

  56. I hope you have a way to keep track of how many subscribers you lose by doing this, and that it leads you to reconsider.

    • Mindy,
      Actually I have had more pageviews since truncation than I did before. I am sure I have lost some people who read through Google Reader and that is understandable but I won’t be going back. I am sorry if you are one of the ones I lose. I hate to see anyone go but I certainly understand your time is important and that extra click might not be worth it.

  57. Hi Beckie,
    I am a new follower to your site via pinterest and think it’s awesome. A few clicks is not a problem to be privy to the gems inside. Sad for those that feel the need to steal, they must truly be untalented. Thank goodness I say to those like you that give us, the readers such joy. Look forward to more. This is one happy clicker.

    • Thank you so much, Debra, for your kind words and dedication to my site. I am glad you find the content worth those few extra clicks. 🙂

  58. Sorry to hear that this has happened. I have clicked on a few pins recently that go to just those kind of sites. I report them, more because I thought they were click bait, I never throught of the loss of revenue from the bloggers side.

    I can understand the people that say the click through is “too much work”. I don’tsunscribe to your blog, but I just come here every so often, so the click through won’t worry me. I only subscribe to about 10 blogs and I read them on my commute on my mobile, and I only have coverage for a small window of time, so if you are not in the original sync, or a full post isn’t you just get deleted, the blog posts really start to back up if you don’t get to them. So please be understanding or those that say the click through is too much work, they have their reasons, just as most people have been understanding about what Beckie is doing.

    Good luck I look forward to continuing to be an occasional visitor.

    • I completely understand and I am grateful even for the occasional visit. Thank you for being so understanding.

  59. I don’t mind clicking through but I read on a mobile device. Will you be making your website mobile friendly?