When Life Hands You a Bag of Driftwood, Make a Wreath!

Heather from New House New Home was out thrifting when she came across a bag full of driftwood for five dollars. Heather snatched it up knowing exactly what she’d make with it – a driftwood wreath just like the $100+ model sold at Restoration Hardware. It was as easy as firing up the hot glue gun and layering the pieces onto a wreath ring. I love the organic beauty of driftwood!

driftwood wreath

Heather was inspired by the Driftwood Wreath from Restoration Hardware.

driftwood wreath from restoration hardware

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  1. What a lovely surprise! I was checking my numbers and saw that your site was sending a lot of traffic my way. Thank you so much for featuring my wreath project! You’re right, imitation is the best form of flattery! You’ve made my day!