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Welted Cushion Revival

Do you have a cushion, whether it is a couch cushion or ottoman, maybe even a barstool, that could use a revival? Maggie from Midwestern Girl shares with us here attempt at adding welting to an ottoman cushion.

There are a couple of key factors when you make welting that will help you succeed. The first is quality fabric. Home decor fabric can either be backed with a thick coating, which is considered upholstery weight, or not backed. Choose the latter as home sewing machines will have a difficult time sewing through the coating. Second, use a 90/14 or size 16 needle to sew through the home dec layers and use a zipper foot.

If your machine has the ability to move the needle over, get it as close to the edge of the cord to make the welting tight. Use a good quality cord. The cord itself should be wrapped tightly, not loose with a thin netting, as it should be stiff. As Maggie suggests there are several videos on the internet that show construction. With the proper tools and fabric, your cushion will experience a revival just like Maggies.

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