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Weathered “Boat Wood” Frames

Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow was inspired by picture frames made from reclaimed boat wood to make her own frames with a rustic look.

While Ananda’s frames may look like they came straight from a boat themselves, all she used is new fence boards from the hardware store and gave them a weathered look with stain and paint.

In addition to the awesome paint job, I love how Ananda framed out the picture with molding and alternated the wider fence boards with thin trim pieces. Beautiful work, Ananda!

faux boat wood frame

This project is great because rustic means imperfect, right? So, you don’t have to have your wood pieces all cut exactly the same, or sanded just right, or your paint job to be spectacular. To get your weathered look, shoot for less than perfect!

It’s nice too, that you can simply use fence boards for this. If you can’t find an old fence, new fencing materials from the store work just fine. They’ll be rough in every sense, providing you with the textures you’ll need to pull off an authentic look.

What about the paint colors?

Use old paint you have in your collection or have lying around. Chances are you have some accent colors you’ve already used in your home and can simply pop open and apply to this boat wood frame. They’ll conveniently match what else you have going on in your home’s decor.

Of course, if you want your colors to have more meaning you can choose something else. There’s something to be said about an old boat, it’s stories, and the life at sea of those that once sailed (or rowed) it. In fact, Ananda’s tutorial talks to this a bit.

You can see how a frame like this can bring some extra meaning beyond the photos you end up framing within it.

Ananda was inspired by the Boat Wood Photo Frames from Fokal.

boat wood photo frames

For Ananada’s complete tutorial, more photos, including her special tips, check out A Piece of Rainbow and give this easy DIY project a try.

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Saturday 5th of July 2014

thank you so much beckie for the feature! i am so honored! have a wonderful july 4th weekend! =)


Monday 7th of July 2014

Thank you, Ananda! I hope your weekend was awesome as well. I am happy to feature your frames. :)

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