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Best Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean

keeping carpet clean

We cannot deny the beauty carpets add to a space’s aesthetic quality. While most homeowners setup hardwood, timber or tile flooring in most of their spaces, it is quite hard to find a home that does not have a carpet in one of its rooms.

Carpets are used as accents, cover-ups or drapes to keep home areas warm especially during winter.

With all the numerous uses carpets bring, the challenge for every person who owns one is to keep it fresh and clean on the daily.

Dirty, smelly and worn-out carpets instantly ruin the space’s aesthetic appeal and pose several health threats to everyone around it.

For this reason, carpet owners are accountable to making sure their carpets are cleaner than ever.

The thought of cleaning a dirty and rugged carpet is daunting. While this can be a make-or-break process, one should know that proactive measures would have prevented this from happening.

There are several ways to keep your carpet clean, fresh and pleasant smelling. Here are some of the things you can do to make your carpet cleaning practice easier and less stressful.

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean

Carpets do not have to be disposable. The goal is to maximize the carpet’s use and longevity while keeping it at its best state.

Read on the following ways to keep your place looking fabulous with your carpets.

Choose the Right Carpet

While it is tempting to get a carpet that looks perfect for any corner or space, we have to be mindful of the carpet type we want versus what we actually need. Cleaning and maintaining a carpet can be exhausting especially when they get filthy all the time.

By choosing the right type of material, size and shape of the carpet, you get to lessen the likelihood of it being soiled from time-to-time.

Places with high-traffic can be set with a nylon carpet for easy cleaning. While areas that get less traffic can be set with fancy carpets that require more attention in terms of maintenance and cleaning.

Make the Habit of Cutting Snags

In the midst of everything that is happening around you, it is likely that you will forget to tend to the most trivial things that need your attention. One of these would definitely be cutting the snags on your carpet.

As harmless as it may seem, neglect to trim those can lead to further damage and wearing of your carpet. What good is a clean carpet when you cannot make good use of it? Always make sure to keep your carpets tended for long-term use.

Augment Your Carpet’s Shield

If you belong to a household that frequently caters to a lot of visitors in your home, it is necessary for you to take this proactive step. If guests are to inevitably step on your carpet, add protection to it by placing rugs on several entry points in your home.

These rugs can lessen the amount of dirt and debris from your visitors’ footfall and prolong the time you have before you need to call a carpet cleaner

Tend to Stains ASAP

A common mistake carpet owners make is putting off the need to clean and get rid of stains. Leaving it soaked and settled on the carpet for a day or more can leave it there for a long time. In worst cases, stains become almost permanent and are extremely hard to remove.

If something stains your carpet, make sure to wash it with the necessary chemical or concoction needed.

Make Vacuuming a Regular Habit

Regular vacuum for clean carpet

Since people have upgraded to using a vacuum over any other cleaning tool for their carpets, it is only right to use the device regularly. You can start with a routine that entails three cleaning sessions in a week. You will see the difference and improvement once you commit to this.

There are a couple of tricks that you can do to make vacuuming more effective. Some users recommend sprinkling a bit of baking soda on the carpet before vacuuming.

Leave it to settle for a few minutes and then proceed with the process. Make sure to vacuum slowly in areas with heavy foot traffic to get rid of deep-rooted debris in your carpet.

Get Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Having a regular carpet cleaning regime can do so much, but not as much as how a professional carpet cleaning service can do. Proper cleaning and maintenance can prolong your carpet’s life, cleanliness and freshness.

However, you have to spare some time at least once or twice a year for professional cleaning.

Professional and deep carpet cleaning can loosen and eliminate deep-rooted dirt and debris in your carpets. This will leave your carpets looking and smelling good as new. Learn to trust the experts for the best results.

Clean and Replace Vacuum Bags and Air Filters Regularly

It is important to empty and clean air filters on a regular basis. Filters that have too much dirt and dust piled up can cause it to spread out around the room. Those particles and debris can set and fall on the carpets, thus adding to your cleaning load.

Invest on Reliable Materials

A vacuum cleaner is essential equipment for cleaning. However, it is also good to keep a couple of reliable products to make the cleaning process easier. One can invest on a good carpet stain remover and baking soda.


Fresh-looking and smelling carpets indicate clean carpets. A home with clean carpets is definitely a good place to be in. If you own a carpet and have been struggling to keep them in their cleanest state for a long time, try adding those steps to your carpet cleaning regimen.

This ensures less maintenance and cleaning, as well as the need to call on professional carpet cleaners to do the work for you. This will definitely save time, energy and resources.

Now you can have guests over without worrying much about having your carpets soiled easily. Have a brighter, cleaner and more presentable area to welcome visitors anytime.

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