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25+ Watercolor Roses to Inspire your Artistry

watercolor roses hdr

A rose is the world’s most beloved flower. Its connection to love and romance simply can’t be denied.

Roses are cultivated all around the world for their tremendous beauty.

The soft velvety petals play a unique contrast in nature alongside the harsh thorny stems, which instantly make it an interesting subject to paint.

This bewitching flower has come a long way and is known to exist for over 1,000 years. Along with flowers such as lilies and camphire, roses are also mentioned in the Bible.

Roses range in color from white through different tones of pink, yellow, and crimson to maroon including the most famous red rose. From a decor perspective, you have pretty much any hue your heart desires. 

It’s exactly these emotional meanings, contrasting textures and varied colors that makes roses such a transferable work of art; from reality to canvas or watercolor paper in this case.

We share now our incredible collection of watercolor roses paintings to inspire the romantic and artist within you. Enjoy! 

Watercolor Roses: Fall in Love with Nature

rose pink leaf bouquet

A bunch of pink roses on their way to blooming – slowly yet elegantly they hold their space in the world. 

An intelligent balance can be observed between the delicate pink flowers and the gradient backdrop. 

rose red two leaf

The artistic technique here has divided the canvas into two – hot and cold; blue and red, creating a balance between the forces of nature. 

The graceful stems of roses in the middle add stability to the painting.

rose ring wc

One of the most unique compositions you’ll see today where the flowers are featured in this unique circular composition

It’s almost comes across like a fresh wreath of roses. 

rose blue flower

An overblown royal blue rose bejeweled with glistening dewdrops upon its velvety soft petals. The background sits flawlessly with a gradient from grey to blue.

What a pristine and fresh view for your great room, or perhaps your kitchen.

rose red pink single

The loose brushstrokes in the background set a theatrical mood for the viewer, where the three beautiful stems of roses are the central characters of the story. 

rose pink leaf

Our bright pink rose glows brightly in this monochromatic watercolor painting. The artistic technique features a single color with its diverse tones and shades. 

rose yellow flower

This exceptionally detailed warm, yellow rose seems tangible with its soft and velvety petals, opening slowly and firmly. 

rose pink small bouquet

This watercolor painting seems like an illustration. With the smart artistic technique used, the subject is semi-highlighted yet stands out in its unique manner.

rose red close up

This close-up of a rose resembles an abstract painting with its varied brushwork and a skillful play with the light and shadows that cast in the flower.

rose red flower green leaf

A perfectly assembled bouquet hovers on the canvas where the pastel turquoise and pink background add a unique variance for the viewer’s eye.

rose red flower leaf

With a warm keenness, this watercolor painting displays a vintage mood within it, moreover, the green leaves add a gentle hint of color.

rose red flower leaf bouquet

An extraordinary tonal variation amid the soft pink blotched backdrop and the velvety red roses. 

rose yellow set flower

Against a varied dusk background, the bright yellow roses sit in the middle of the canvas. With the shadows in the petals comes a visual depth.

rose red pink vase

Looks like a delicious cupcake with rose-like frostings set on a console table. How intriguing!

rose red flower vase

Resting in a vase, the bunch of roses brightens up our day. The loose brushstrokes upon the subject convey a theatrical impression in the painting.

rose red jar

The viewer’s eye moves along the three rose stems and the petals lying down while the tonal variation of pink adds a spirited mood to the painting.

An interesting composition to add magic to your home decor.

rose white single

The fully blossomed white rose leans into the canvas from a corner. 

The pearl white background sets off a mild hazy mood with the white flower.

rose red flower small bouquet

Gazing straight into the eye of the viewer, the rose petals display a refined depth within their petals.

rose red with leaf

Leaving breathing space on the canvas is always an excellent way to create an engaging composition.

With the subject on one side and openness on the other, the viewer’s eye savors the art piece.

single yellow wc rs

A lonely yellow rose rests on the canvas. 

Notice how the neatly detailed stem and leaves appear 3D whilst casting a smooth shadow.

rose red small bouquet leaf

The perfect gift for your loved one – a bouquet of fresh long-stemmed red roses. 

Quite an example of a picturesque piece of art to be hung in your home.

rose red white small bouquet

A bunch of velvety red roses surrounding a pearl white rose; layered with green leaves that add freshness.

The artistic strategy makes the flower petals seem extraordinarily soft while adding a visual depth.

rose three pink flower

On a bright day, the roses shine under the sunlight.

Their colors and shadow play along to form an exciting composition on the canvas.

rose three red flower

These soft crimson roses rest about with a silhouette of green leaves emerging from behind.

A faint touch of color in the background helps remove dullness from the painting.

Roses are unquestionably the most beautiful, and popular flower for many when it comes to painting them or decorating with them.

From the variety of colors to the thick stems adorned with thorns and their sweet fragrance – roses hold a special place in everyone’s heart.

Their soft, velvety appearance doubled with a pleasant fragrance casts a spell on their possessor. 

Having a long history, roses have been known to be a symbol of love, beauty, and war.

The watercolor paintings above represented love and beauty through painting delicate roses that you can emulate in your own artwork.

Through the use of watercolors, the artistic techniques featured the nature of the flowers –  their sturdy stem, alongside the silky smooth petals. 

We hope that you love these one-of-kind rose watercolor paintings above as much as we do!

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