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25+ Watercolor Owl Paintings: Embrace These Awe Inspiring Birds

watercolor owls hdr

Owls are fascinating creatures that easily gain our attention.

With their ability to rotate their necks 135 degrees in either direction, they are captivating creatures. This is probably why people are inspired by their grace and choose to paint them. 

These nocturnal creatures take silent flights with their special feathers that are adorned with intricate patterns. Bringing these details to reality is certainly not an easy task. 

Along with many animals, Pablo Picasso has drawn, owls have been one of his favorites as they represented intelligence and wisdom. Picasso helped heal an owl which formed his love for owls.

Owls being a depiction of wisdom has also led several people to incorporate owls in their home decor in form of sculptures and paintings.

Now that we know a little about these creatures, let’s have a look at these astonishing watercolor paintings of the evolved birds: owls

Watercolor Owls: Representing the Higher Knowledge

owl ash angry close up

A close-up of an angry ash owl staring beyond with its glistening golden eyes.

The artistic detailing highlights the intricate feathers flawlessly.

Indeed, a go-to art piece to add a majestic look to your grand room.

owl blue flying

The snowy owl flies across the blue sky, holding a message.

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, this painting of Ghost Owl is a great reference to practice your painting skills and later, hang it in your room.

owl ash angry portrait

Gazing straight into your soul, this portrait of an ash owl depicts the mystic beauty of this creature.

owl seating tree lodge

A delightful owl resting on a tree trunk.

For all the home decorators out there, this ash owl painting will surely look enjoyable in your home.

owl ash flying

The owl ruffles his feathers and turns to glance at the side. 

This painting is a great example if you’re looking to practice your watercolor painting skills with bird anatomy. 

owl seating orange

The owl with a head like the perfect peach and the body, a shape of an almond, coated in feathers the color of vanilla sugar orange.

See how the artist has used soft strokes and blends to highlight the details. This is also an exciting technique to learn for beginners.

owl green ash

With dark and soulful eyes, the ash owl stares back at the viewer creating a terrorizing display against the muted green backdrop.

owl green flying white

High above, an owl flies on invisible strings, its eyes leveled on the green lands below.

If you’re a fan of nature paintings, this is a must-have.

owl pink watercolor

The owl comes in monochrome hues of pink; the rich yet gentle shades around the black beady eyes.

This painting is an outstanding example to try if you want to learn about monochromatic color palettes.

owl seating ash black green

The golden-eyed, mysterious and dark creature gazes into the abyss – radiating mystic energy.

owl yellow flying

The white owl in flight gives its colors to the sky leaving a pristine canvas.

What a soft and delicate sight for the viewer.

owl seating ash blue

The ash owl dominates the sky; his head bright in the sunlight, as bright as the blue sky.

The artistic technique features blue brushstrokes and blotches for the background, calling attention to the subject.

owl seating ash yellow

The ash owl peers at the viewer with those yellow beady eyes and, we glance at him with ours.

owl seating tree brunch

In the dusk; the owl sits on a tree branch with its black beak and golden eyes, and its feathers masked by darkness.

In this particular painting, the artist has fused the background with the subject while maintaining its dominance. 

owl yellow angry

An angry gaze coming from the owl sitting on the tree branch.

The artistic technique featured here gives an illustrated look which you can further try for your paintings.

 Additionally, such an artwork will sit perfectly well in a kid’s room.

owl tree night

His head catches the moonlight as he scans the forest at night, head moving fast in small motions.

This artwork is an interesting example of a composition to be placed at your home. 

Moreover, you can practice this composition as well as it allows you to study nature including a bird and plants.

owl seating tree white

Reposing cozily on the branch, with its head as white as snow – the arctic owl looks afar.

If you’re looking for artwork for a dark-painted wall in your house, this painting is perfect.

owl white ash portrait

The owl looks into the distance like it is considering something philosophical.

You’d love a dramatic painting for your home? Well, here you have it.

owl yellow orange

Peering into the canvas, this delightful owl appears from a pool of yellow-orange splotch.

The bird’s delicacy and mystic energy can be observed in this painting, along with an appealing and unusual composition.

You can try out such composition for any subject you wish to paint such as plants, animals, birds, etc. 

owl ash close up

With its ear like tufts reminiscent of a teddy bear, and its golden eyes befitting a witch’s cat.

owl yellow portrait

Peering through with its glistening black alien eyes, as if something suspicious is happening. 

owl yellow watercolor

Straight out of a story, the yellow-grey owl sits on a branch, seeming confused and startled.

Yet again, a form of storytelling and an enjoyable painting for a kid’s room.

Bringing such delicate transitions, intricate patterns, and mysterious eye movements to paper/canvas is a true work of art.

Seeing these extraordinary watercolor owl paintings has certainly inspired us to grab some paintbrushes, papers, and paints and explore more.

Studying their anatomy through their fluttering wings, monochromatic shades through light and shadow, and bringing them onto paper.

Why don’t you begin by practicing painting, too?

After you’re done painting, you can place the painting in your home. The fun part is that your artwork will be fulfilling two purposes; one of adding drama to the home decor, and secondly giving off positive energy of wisdom and intellect.

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