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25+ Watercolor Hummingbird Paintings You Will Fall in Love With

watercolor hummingbirds hdr

Hummingbirds are one of nature’s most beautiful and delicate creatures. Effortlessly fluttering from one flower to another in search of nectar or perhaps, a delicious insect, unaware of how majestic they are.

As the light hits their iridescent feathers, they shimmer like jewels under sunlight.

It surely must be challenging for artists to capture these rainbow-colored creatures in a watercolor hummingbird painting!

Bringing the delicate, light-weight feathers and exquisite colors onto paper is surely a rewarding endeavor. Along with that, capturing the dynamic and unique flight of hummingbirds.

It’s fascinating to see what can be achieved when a one-of-a-kind picture is painted, depicting harmony between the delicacy of hummingbirds and their magical colors.

Watercolor Hummingbird Paintings: A Captivating Collection

hbwc isolated

This painting of a hummingbird in his flight is a true work of art.

We can see the fine strokes of the brush, highlighting the intricate details of the bird’s feathers and wings. 

The blues and greens balance flawlessly with the hints of purple on the tail.

whb yellow red

A softly painted hummingbird reaching out for the brightly colored yellow and red flowers. 

A contrasting picturesque moment. The lightness of the bird in one corner and the spiritedness of the flowers in the other.

whb yellow red white yellow solid

A beautiful hummingbird flying in the blue sky.

With its head like a dark subtle cherry against a serene, peaceful background.

whb yellow red white solid

This marvelous bird hovers and appears to be glistening under the sunlight. What a delight to watch. 

A perfect game between the light falling on the bird and the shadows being cast.

watercolor hummingbird white red green

This cherry red hummingbird is spreading its wings wide, flying upon the nectar-filled flowers.

watercolor hb painting on wall

This is a lovely canvas print that’s popular on Wayfair.

You can get this in a huge range of sizes, from 8″x8″ to 48″x48″.

Find out more here!

whb yellow red white green

Approaching the flowers for a delightful piece of that nectar. Or perhaps, an insect.

The bird looks exquisite with its dull grey,  green and yellow, undertones which are just the right amount to evoke a serene effect.   

The flowers are reminiscent of how beautiful cherry blossom watercolor art is.

whb yellow red white black yellow

This hummingbird is in full motion. Almost making the painting look like it’s real.

With utmost grace, the golden bird is landing on the branches, with one foot is seen reaching out for the fruit. 

A majestic work of mother nature right in front of our eyes.

watercolor hummingbird solid green pink

The bird calmly sits upon the tree branch, gazing into the open with its beady eyes.

watercolor hummingbirds blue green white

Two blue and green hummingbirds going on a little venture. Resting on a tree branch  and perhaps having a small conversation with one another. 

The colors in the background are matched with the colors of the birds, yet they stand unique.

The fine detail of their feathers are an indication of a true artist’s work.

whb yellow red red yellow flower

This happy little bird is enjoying some nectar from the pretty red flowers.

With grace and might the hummingbird fills up it stomach and continues with its journey.

whb yellow red red green flower

Look at how bright this watercolor painting is.

With the pink flowers setting the mood in one corner and the majestic hummingbird fluttering its tiny yet, high-speed wings.

This is where all the magic happens while the backgrounds gives a sense of calm.

whb yellow red purple green

This hummingbird sits in the center of the painting, grabbing the viewer’s attention to it lovable round purple self.

The fine brushstrokes add a contrast between the head, tail and the rest of the body.

With the bird calmingly resting on a branch of the tree, the leaves pop out, adding liveliness to the painting.

3 hummingbirds on canvas

Another popular watercolor on canvas painting you can purchase for your home.

Four sizes are available. Find out more here!

watercolor hummingbird pink yellow flower

This hummingbird might seem a bit unusual than the rest. The anatomy is slightly different yet, it sits perfectly in the painting, flying over the light pink and white flowers.

The hints of yellow and green in the background, add a sense of zest to the overall panting.

whb yellow red green yellow red flower

Here we have a sweet hummingbird, flapping its dark lavender-colored wings over the vivid pink flowers.

The background appears blue and fresh – reminiscent of a lovely sunny day. 

watercolor hummingbird green yellow flower

Hummingbirds are so busy in their tasks that they don’t notice how quickly their fans rush to capture these beautiful moments.  Here is one example of that. 

Stopping mid-flight for a snack, this iridescent blue and green hummingbird evokes a gentle splash of color.

The yellow flower on the right side takes on an almost sunflower like appearance, and brings out a spirit of its own, creating a balance between the background, the bird, and itself.

whb yellow red green yellow

A close-up of a delightful hummingbird that almost looks like it’s giving off a sweet, tender smile to its viewers. Fascinating, isn’t it?

The bird is at rest and enjoying its time off while on a thorny branch. Thorns and fluff together. Quite a unique contrast.

A pastel green background with, a soft and peachy hummingbird relaxing –  an absolutely wonderful piece of art to be hung o the wall of your room. 

whb yellow red Green red flower

This can be classified as one of the most iconic and beautiful watercolor paintings of the hummingbird.

Using two colors for the background, yellow and violet, the painter brings our attention to the majestic bird. 

The gleam and glisten of the lush green and blue paint bring out the intricate details of the feathers, where we can experience grace and dynamism at the same time. 

whb yellow red Green pink flower

Fluttering out and about. This hummingbird is reaching the flower with its thin and long beak.

The flower is white while the background appears like it’s sprayed with bright colors to highlight the magnificent bird and the flower. 

The green hummingbird’s focal point is its soft red tail hovering over the flower for a sweet meal.

watercolor hummingbird green paper

The bright green hummingbird is made to shine in this watercolor painting.

The background is grey with undertones of blue while on the front, we have the beautiful hummingbird resting on a piece of wood gazing above into the skies.

Capturing raw and delicate in the same piece of art.

whb yellow red blue red

A simple yet, classic brown hummingbird is seen on its way to the bright yellow and pink flowers for some nectar.

While the background sits back, the intense hot pink flowers stand out against it and add a dynamic touch to the watercolor painting. 

watercolor hummingbird blue green

This rainbow-themed hummingbird is perfect to brighten up one’s mood.

The fluttering hummingbird elegantly stands out in front of the soft background painted in blues, greens and light brown.


All the glistening hummingbirds shown above will certainly bring a sense of joy and delight to any room you put them in. Like butterfly art, these wondrous watercolor hummingbird paintings showcase true works of artists who know no boundaries when it comes to producing the best works of art.

Hummingbirds paired with watercolors have given us a one-of-a-kind edge on one part of nature and how it plays along with other forms of nature.

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