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25+ Breathtaking Watercolor Fox Paintings

watercolor fox hdrFoxes – similar to cats, the nocturnal creatures are social and live a flexible life. These omnivorous mammals are found all over the world and are extremely adaptable in nature. 

Including in and around the human habitat, foxes can thrive in a variety of environments – making them an even more interesting subject to paint!

You must be wondering what does the fox say? Well, did you know that the fox can produce up to 40 different sounds?

One of the sounds; a scream-like howl is certainly enough to send a shiver down your spine. 

This smart and secretive creature is well known by all but loved by a few.

Gifted with a beautiful and thick coat of fur and cat-like eyes, foxes have become an example of intrinsic beauty all their own.

It’s no wonder artists, designers and fox-admirers alike look to paint and decorate with this unique subject.

So, come on along! Let’s have a look at these cunning creatures and their impeccable beauty through these breathtaking watercolor paintings.

Watercolor Fox Paintings: A Visual 

fox red gray yellow

Would you look at that powerful gaze aimed towards its prey.

The fox looks forward with its ears perked up and all its attention towards what’s ahead. 

fox red blown yellow

A huddled-up fox rests on the snow.

Its thick coat of fur follows the direction of the gushing cold winter winds; a moment perfectly imitated by the untamed brushstrokes.

fox red gray brown

A delightful view where a fox cub can be seen gazing up in the sky.

This is a type of disciplined painting that can be beautifully placed in your home.

fox red blue yellow

A dramatic play between the light and shadow as the sun hits the red furry fox. With loose brushstrokes, the painting strikes out the personality of the fox.

A wonderful example for a new watercolor painting enthusiast.

fox red green brown

This watercolor painting gives off a tame effect with its soft neutral colors.

The intricate details are highlighted through a careful play of the brush.

fox red off whit

With its paws deep in snow, the white fox gives off a cunning look to the viewer. 

Attention to the details of the fur, where every painted stroke defines a different length of the fur. 

fox red yellow running

The canine can be seen sprinting ahead to its full potential. It appears like the fox is emerging from a dense cloud, onto the land to hunt its prey. 

The artistic technique of highlighting the reddish fur sets it apart from the normal forms.

fox red purple brown

There’s something very adorable yet evil about a fox. Just like the one shown in the watercolor painting above.

The arctic fox sits cozily and cunningly with its gigantic ears while the beam of sunlight touches it.

red fox wc wf

A lovely rendition by an artist who uses a free but thoughtful approach to form a mesmerizing image of our subject.

See more photos of this piece or buy here!

fox red yellow white

The detail is immaculate – you can almost see your own reflection in those glistening eyes.

The snow falls and wind gushes in the backdrop. With soft and subtle hues, the painting gives off a soft and cool touch. 

fox red white brown

Standing still and calm with its thick furry tail, the fox gazes actively and silently.

fox red yellow white summer

A jolly-good fellow –  the fox seems to be laughing and having a good time. That’s what we like to think, at least.

In this painting, the artistic approach focuses on the detailed expressions of the subject. 

hinesburg fox wc wall decor

Completely satisfied is how this pup feels, which is no doubt contagious to the viewer. Ahhh….soak it up young friend.

Get more info on this one and buy it here.

fox red white black

An arctic fox going on about its journey while gazing down below. 

The intense brushstrokes on the right side of the canvas appear like wild winds gushing in the harsh cold winters. 

fox red white brown fence

Clever use of cool and warm tones within one painting. The approach highlights the duality of foxes; hunting on one side and playful on the other. 

A great example of a painting to be hung in your living room, portraying royalty and grandeur. 

fox red yellow black

A mild and mellow painting that defines the canine subject within soft shades of beiges and browns.

fox red green white

The warned fox stands upright and watches ahead.

We can see how thick fur of orange and white stands out against the backdrop.

wc fx with flowers

Cute and lovely all at once. This piece combines the beauty of flowers with the cuteness of a young fox in watercolor. It would bring cheer to any living space.

You can see more photos and buy here!

fox red yellow brown twin

This watercolor painting can be defined as a delightful moment between a mother and her cub.

Along with that, the soft color palette also portrays the intimate moment.

fox red yellow quarreling

Two fox pups can be seen having a playfight with each other. 

We can see how the anatomies of pups are defined according to their spirited expressions.

fox red yellow brown

Here the subject sits calmly, looking for no prey and no harm.

It rests quietly and gazes ahead into the distance. 

fox red black brown

A pure sight of evil?

A fennec fox emerges from the depths of darkness. Notice how the creative techniques shed light on the subject without missing out on the details of the surroundings, which are just as important.

curious orange fox wc

A solitary and statuesque creature, our subject stands tall perhaps to better sense the smells it’s interested in from the air.

Get more info or buy this one here!

fox red yellow headshot

A sweet portrait with an unapproachable smile. 

The pristine depth of caramel eyes and shades of red fur.

fox red yellow brown summer

Looks like a casual morning stride, doesn’t it?

Our furry-tailed fox walks around with a sinister look on its face.

To add drama, the artistic approach incorporates blots of darker shades instead of keeping the background flat.

barbuda cute fox

An inquisitive young pup enjoys spring growth all around her. This would brighten up any room!

Find out more and buy this painting here.

fox red yellow white snow

Caught between howling? Yawning, perhaps? We’ll never know. 

We certainly know about the details of the fur and the mouth of our subject –  the fox.

The brushstrokes of the fur flow harmoniously, highlighting them individually. 

We have all heard the phrase ‘as cunning as a fox’. After looking at the majestically evil looks of foxes in the watercolor paintings above, we are certain that foxes are clever animals.

The examples shown above perfectly depict the small and intricate details of the anatomy and nature of foxes. It’s similar to our list of watercolor cat ideas, if you want to check those out!

From the big leaps towards their prey to the playfights with their sibling cubs, the artistic technique features it all. 

Sadly, many of these beautiful animals are being held captive for their fur, by the ruthless fur industries.

The animals are kept in small cages with no care. We must look into these issues in order to protect them and preserve their natural habitat.

Watercolor fox paintings like these can help celebrate and honor this species in small but meaningful ways.

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