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Watercolor Eucalyptus Paintings to Refresh Your Artistic Eye

watercolor eucalyptus hdr

Eucalyptus is an aromatic tree, native to Australia and Tasmania.

It is also known as the gum tree

These trees can grow exceptionally tall all the way up to 300 feet. That indeed is an example of utmost grandeur.

In order to study plant anatomy, painting eucalyptus trees and leaf is an excellent way to start.

Eucalyptus leaf is believed to have a purifying effect. Burning eucalyptus diminishes the negative energy from those surroundings.

Incorporating eucalyptus paintings in your interior decor will also help get rid of the negative energy from inside the home.

Whether you’re a beginner nature painter or, looking to decorate your home with paintings or plants, we’ve got you covered with some marvelous ideas.

Let’s have a  look at these watercolor eucalyptus paintings that will surely refresh your eyes.

Watercolor Eucalyptus: A Fresh Origin

2 branches brown bkg

The two branches of green eucalyptus leaves come as the glorious mischief of nature and science.

The brown background sets a warm mood making it a perfect example of an artwork to be hung in the living room.

2 splaying leaves in open space

Two splaying leaves come as the season’s poetry, spoken in color in an open space.

A perfect example to exercise composition, and details of light and shadow on the leaves.

vert leafy brown stem

The leafy brown stem act as a jolly company in their green-hue gaiety.

3d looking effect

The splattered paint along with a unique angle gives out a 3D effect to the painting.

This watercolor painting is an excellent example if you want to practice the 3D technique.

4 flower in square

These watercolor boutonnieres with anemones and eucalyptus leaves come forth like season’s poetry.

 With a symmetrical composition, the artistic technique adds balance to the canvas.

abstract colofrul wc eucalypt

The purple watercolor leaves appear with dewdrops as if they were rainbow rain.

This art design illustration against a vintage style background will pop out on the walls of your home, and add a hint of freshness and color.

As a beginner artist, you can learn the technique of color theory and paint splattering.


blueish leaf with buds

These blue-green leaves give off serene and calm energy while the buds portray hope and growth.

Seeming immaculate against a plain white backdrop.

bouquet centered with euc leaves

The bouquet is centered with eucalyptus leaves, each bold, humble, and glossy, as only nature can be.

Add a raw garden touch of flowers and eucalyptus into your humble abode with this painting.

brusting effect wc

The leaves are green arrowheads, as lustrous as the finest paper.

The artistic approach features a simple background with loose brushstrokes. 

full branch spreading across top

A pleasing composition where a full branch of leaves comes across the top of the canvas, leaving the lower part as a breathing space that can be filled with your imagination.

You can use this composition on any wall in your home, as a border. Perhaps above the bed or, in the kitchen.

eucalyptus with bright green border

Enclosed in a bright green border, the translucent eucalyptus leaves depict a sheer cool harmonizing the hue.

falling leaves from small twigs

Falling leaves tumble from the small twigs above, riding the airwaves with poised grace.

Here is a perfect example of a minimal painting for your home.

horizontal branch euc wc

The horizontal branch of a eucalyptus plant lies softly on the canvas.

stem with shadows wc

The stem quills, waved in the warm summer air as sunlight falls upon it, casting a shadow. 

The emerald green leaves watercolor painting is perfect for your bedroom.

symetrical eucalyptus leaves

The symmetrical stems of eucalyptus leaves appear like a chorus of greens with harmony and balance.

bright green watercolor eucalyptus

An off-center composition – the bright green watercolor eucalyptus emits a glossy touch. 

Notice the technicalities of colors in this watercolor painting.

Certainly, an interesting example of artwork to practice color gradient on.

watercolor eucalyptus small red and white flowers

To gaze at the green leaves with red and white flowers, a way to pause your thoughts and feel the sense of rest that nature gives.

watercolor eucalyptus with center flower

Grabbing the viewer’s attention – the white flower sits in the center of the eucalyptus leaves. 

With tiny paint splatters and an elegant centerpiece, the composition becomes a mystery.

watercolor eucalyptus 2 green

Carrying a vintage look to it, the eucalyptus watercolor painting sets a warm and mild tone.

If you’re looking to decorate your home with a rustic theme, this painting is the right choice to go for.

watercolor eucalyptus 7 green

The green skin shining under the summer light, each leaf with a hue captivating the soul.

watercolor eucalyptus 12 green

Light and weightless – radiating the energy of letting go, allowing nature to heal one.

Indeed, a tranquil sight to look at every once in a while.

watercolor eucalyptus 15 green

Casting a light shadow onto the canvas and producing a 3D effect.

The artistic technique features the anatomy of leaves as they lay on the ground.

watercolor eucalyptus 1 green

A play between hues of green and touches of yellow – darker hues of green exemplify the leaves while the lighter hue resides in the background adding three-dimensionality.

watercolor eucalyptus 19 green

Watercolor eucalyptus celebrates the dusky hues of green against a beige backdrop.

wreathe eucalyptus watercolor

This watercolor eucalyptus wreath is a true example of beauty and elegance.

It carries simplicity with a hint of theater that enters through the splattered paint.

Having looked at the refreshing paintings of the eucalyptus plants, we’re sure that you must be in a state of wonder and awe. 

Studying these inspiring ideas is a calm respite from any daily hassle.

At least that’s how we felt!

The artists have certainly done a phenomenal job harnessing the refreshing energy of the eucalyptus leaves and converting it into striking pieces of art.

From highlighting the shades of shadows that form upon the leaves to their delicacy.

From the bright green hues to the paint splatters and loose brushstrokes, this subject is as beautiful as watercolor sunflowers and the traditional rose paintings.

Each technique has been incorporated flawlessly to create artworks that stand out in your home.

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