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25+ Wonderous Watercolor Cloud Paintings That Will Leave You Gobsmacked

watercolor clouds hdr

Those floating pieces of cotton in our skies are no less than a marvel of nature.

Gazing upon varied sizes and textures of puffy clouds hovering over your head leaves you in a state of awe.

Clouds have always been a source of bewilderment. 

When the sky fills with hues of pink, purples, blues, and grays, the observer is transmitted to a state of fascination. This motivation is brought onto a canvas, composing wonders of art.

The inspiration has lead many artists to paint clouds.

From Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night to John Constable’s Study of Clouds to Christian Kobke’s Roof Ridge of Frederiksborg Castle, artists have created clouds practicing their unique artistic techniques.

Just like that, clouds became a source of inspiration for us, too. Therefore, today we bring to you some enthralling watercolor cloud paintings.

Let’s have a look at some of our favorite pieces that will leave you utterlyastonished.

Watercolor Clouds: Painting What’s Up Above

puffy white on blue

The sweet nature plays in blue in the sky adorned with puffy white clouds. A calming sight.

If you’re decorating your room with summery vibes, this painting is a must-have.

cloud sky blue moon

The serenity of clouds sailing by, gently passing on wherever the wind wishes them to.

A watercolor moon illuminates on the top right corner, carving an upward eye movement along with the clouds creating an intelligent composition.

cloud sky pink sunlight

Pink clouds come through the cloudy sky as if the fresh watercolor roses of the season had bloomed in the twilight sky.

The sunrise illuminates the sky while the loose pastel pink brushstrokes define an intricate artistic approach.

cloud sky pink blue sun

Tucked beneath the dense blue-gray sky, the sweet warmth of the sun unveils its glory. 

The artistic technique demonstrates a pure wonder with a sun so blinding to the eye.

cloud sky blue star

The cloudy sky invites the eyes to play with stars floating above.

The stars come into being through the paint splatter technique that can easily be created using a toothbrush. 

Place such a striking art piece in your bedroom and leave your visitors in awe.

chistled cloudy sky

Glancing up the blanketed cloudy sky chiseled by the wind.

The vivid blue smudges add a touch of drama.

cloud sky blue sunlight

The sky is a blue-gray with the softest strokes of white.

As the sun rays make their way through the clouds, a hope for a better tomorrow is born. 

five white clouds

The sky here is dappled by little white clouds. 

Notice how the clouds appear 3D due to the shadows beneath them.

An easy to create a delightful composition that can be hung in your kid’s room.

cloud sky yellow blue

The sun gently blooms on the horizon, the golden rays stretch outwards into the rich blue sky.

The subtle yellow warms up the viewer’s eye.

dreamy wc cloudcover

The greens and blues are lifted into a vibrant glow by the sunrise creating a dreamy cloud cover.

Certainly, an example to adorn your teen’s room with a dreamy scene.

cloud sky pink purple

Something very calming about this painting of stormy dark clouds aligned with hues of pink-purple above the deep sea.

multi colored cloud effects

Come dusky yellows or floral blues, every cloud speaks to the creative inner eye.

With one corner white and the remaining canvas loaded with multicolored effects, the cloudy watercolor painting takes the viewer to a world of cotton candy.

cloud sky blue white cloud

White clouds rest in the sky like pebbles on a beach. A top-down view is like going backstage of the heavens.

As the morning light gleams, the clouds become snowfield white.

cloud sky pink purple white

The cloudy sunset brings purple clouds and soft pink accents to the white sky.

cloud sky pink yellow blue

The cloudy evening softens the vibrant colors of day to soft pastel hues of pinks and blues, the moment that awakens the spirit and lets it stay in a tranquil rest.

blue green texture cloud

An ever-evolving artistic palette featuring soft blues and green.

In case you’re looking for a simple yet fresh painting for your home, this painting will do wonders.

cloud sky city morning

The cloudy morning of the city brightens the colors of the night sky. 

With the buildings adding a theatrical effect, the painting takes on an exciting composition.

cloud sky yellow

The cloudy sky brings a diffused cozy daylight.

Scattered over the sky, the yellow clouds deliver a warm appearance.

cloud sky blue dark

The depth of the blue sky and the strength of the hue make this watercolor painting truly unique.

The sunlight enhances the sky, making a blue of fairytale dreams.

rough abstract sky

The perfect blue sky – playing with the sunlight on a fine day.

The watercolor painting features a rough abstract technique for the airy white clouds.

Having such an art piece in your room will surely lead to a refreshing start every morning.

cloud sky field green

The stormy clouds bring a speckled swirl to the blue sky as if a delicate piece of fabric lays above the green field.

Such a breathtaking view will make your great room look even more majestic.

black and white watercolor clouds

The silver and grey clouds lay upon the plain white sky. 

A perfect example of a canvas to adorn black and white color scheme interiors.

cloud sky ash water

A sky with brindled ash blue clouds channels a sense of inner peace within the viewer as the water streams down under.

If you’re looking for mysterious yet, serene artworks for your home, a painting like this will surely fit the look.

faded pastel clouds

The artist creates misty clouds by using faded pastel colors on a textured paper. 

The clouds are under a rosy glow from the sun.

cloud sky blue 1

The clouds gleam as the sunlight gently touches them from afar, offering a vision of freshness to the watercolor painting.

cloud sky pink tree

The cloud closest to the horizon reflects bright light while the clouds further away reflect gradual light.

This process of colors changing from red and pink to yellow adds a visual calm to the paintings.

cloud sky pink yellow

The pale pink clouds blossom through the blue sky while the sun rays add a yellow-golden accent.

This soothing, central composition placed in your living room will certainly stand out.

cloud sky white blue

An immaculate image with light and dense clouds lurking around the sky. 

This sinless composition of blue and white is meant to stand out on the walls of your home.

vert wc artwork

Featuring loose brushstrokes and blotches of paint, the artistic approach creates breezy clouds on the paper. 

Clouds adorn the sky with their seldom gentle and seldom dark presence, leaving the onlooker in utter wonder.

Imagine having paintings of the sky dappled with small breezy clouds in your home, as if nature has come inside.

The watercolor cloud ideas seen above depict the wonders of the sky. Be a sensational sunset, a gracious sunrise, or the awakening of a stormy night, the artistic approach features it all. 

Portraying breezy clouds through loose brushstrokes or, creating stars by splattering paint – every technique dignifies the cotton candy of nature, the clouds.

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