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Puppy Dog Washi Tape Storage

Have a you acquired quite the collection of washi tape rolls? Considering all the pretty colors and patterns, it’s hard not to buy out the craft aisle, right? Christie from Sparkles of Sunshine was looking for a storage solution for her washi tape and went online for inspiration. At first nothing hit her, but then she came across a paper towel holder from Anthropologie that held potential. Christie decided to run with the design idea and make a similar holder from a piece of scrap wood. This guy is waaay cuter than Anthro’s paper towel holder. Well done, Christie!

DIY Craft Ideas | Anthropologie Inspired Washi Tape Dispenser ~ How adorable is this washi tape holder made from a piece of scrap wood? Love it!

Christie was inspired by the Puppy Dog Paper Towel Holder from Anthropologie.

Puppy Dog Paper Towel Holder

See the complete tutorial to make puppy dog washi tape holder at Sparkles of Sunshine.

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