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Wallpaper with Watercolors

Anthropologie’s wallpaper is always incredibly gorgeous, but so expensive! Hannah from We Lived Happily Ever After has a knack for painting, so rather than splurging on the expensive wallpaper, she decided to paint her own – freehand, with watercolors! Her final design is so romantic and lovely, you wouldn’t know it isn’t a designer original. Hannah used watercolors because she needed to be able to easily remove the design when they sell the house, but you could use acrylic paints or even create a stamp to make the process quick and simple!

This is Hannah’s finished wall, aren’t her flowers simply romantic?

Watercolor wallpaper

This is the Anthropologie inspiration.

Floral Wallpaper

Head over to We Lived Happily Ever After to see how Hannah painted her beautiful faux wallpaper.

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