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Create A Wall Shelf From An Old Drawer

Can you use an extra shelf somewhere in your house that is beautiful as well as functional? Do you ever haunt thrift stores and flea markets? If the answer is “yes”, then take note of what Christy of confessionsofaseriadiyer did with an extra drawer she salvaged from another project.

If you do go to thrift stores, you know that often there are orphan drawers from furniture that are waiting to be taken home for a song. Christy walks us through the process of how she decorated the drawer with charming paper and paint and added dividers cut to fit creating sections in the drawer. She also adorned the drawer with a salvaged handle at the top for further embellishment.

The completed project would be equally at home in a bathroom, a kitchen, an office, or a child’s room. The unit is small enough to fit almost anywhere, but it is truly attractive and functional.

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Nichole Dutrieux

Thursday 15th of February 2018

That shelf from a drawer is AWESOME, and I love the color. Just so dainty. I wished I was creative like that, that's such a great idea.

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