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Wall Mirror with Hidden Gun Storage

You have probably seen a knock off or two of Pottery Barn’s multi-panel Eagan Mirror.

I have featured several right here on Knock Off Décor; however, none quite compare to this copycat that Corey at Sawdust 2 Stitches made as a gift for her husband.

Yes, I said she made a mirror as a gift for her husband. But this isn’t just any mirror! Behind the pretty mirror panels is a gun case with ammo trays.

For safety, Corey utilized a secret locking mechanism that even her husband couldn’t open without her help.

If you aren’t into guns, Corey’s readers came up with several other items that could be stored in the hidden compartment!

Pottery Barn Inspired Mirror Gun Case

The original design was inspired by Pottery Barn’s Eagan Multipanel Mirror.

Eagan Multipanel Mirror from Pottery Barn

Read more about this DIY mirror/gun case at Sawdust 2 Stitches.

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