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Vinyl vs Aluminum Windows: A Comparative Guide


According to Angie’s List, it could cost between $175 to $1,200 per window to replace or upgrade them for your home.

If you’re going to be spending that much money on new windows, you should do your research on whether you’ll get vinyl vs aluminum windows.

There are pros and cons to both, but we’ll break it all down for you here!


One big factor in the windows is the appearance of the two of them.

If you get an aluminum window, they have a thinner frame which will make your home have a modern-type of style. Most people find this style more attractive, and it gives you more options to customize.

However, vinyl windows are made of glass for the most part, and they have a line that joins together at all of the corners. Some people don’t like this style because they are plainer and thicker than aluminum windows.

With a frame on this window, you can also paint the frame to make it whatever color you want.  You won’t be able to do that on the aluminum windows since it will just be a metal frame. If you don’t like the look of the metal frame, you’ll just have to replace it instead of painting it.


Before you install one of these windows, you should also know about how strong each window is.

Both of these windows are pretty strong, and they won’t crack or get scratched very easily.

However, vinyl windows are probably the stronger of the two of them. If they do get damaged somehow, they are made of the same material throughout the window. You also won’t be able to notice any scratches or chips very easily on this type of window.

But on the aluminum windows, if there is even the smallest chip, you’ll be able to see the metal that’s underneath the window. While they’re still strong, the metal can change color or erode over time. The fasteners to the window could also change color, especially if you live somewhere on the coast.

If you have larger windows, you might already have aluminum windows. Because they are made of stronger material, they have more structural integrity which makes them perfect for large windows. This also makes them great if you’re in the path where hurricanes might pass over.


If you want to save a little bit of money and not pay for a contractor, you can install both types of windows yourself. However, you should make sure you do them carefully because these windows are expensive. If you install them wrong, it’ll look bad, and they’ll end up costing you more money in repair or replacement costs.

Some people may not have the confidence to install the windows on their own.


If you’re on a budget, you should probably opt for vinyl windows.

Aluminum windows can be even more expensive than vinyl windows, especially if you’re double-hanging them.

On average, a single-unit vinyl window could cost up to $800. An aluminum window can cost up to $,1,200 for a single-unit as well.

You should tally up how many windows you’re going to be replacing. Keep in mind that if you have oddly shaped windows, you’ll have to pay more to have them custom-built.

Energy Efficient

You should also keep energy efficiency in mind when you’re installing new windows. Not only can it boost your home’s resale value, but it can also help you lower your energy bill.

When it comes to energy efficiency, vinyl windows win. They are much more energy-efficient and don’t cost as much as aluminum windows. These windows are much more energy-efficient because they help to limit how much light is let into your home and reduce the heat transfer for the window.

In addition to that, they also help to maintain the temperature of your home which makes sure that the HVAC doesn’t turn on as often.

Aluminum windows aren’t as energy-efficient because they actually conduct heat and can even heat up your room. When this happens, your HVAC will have to turn on more times which will lead to higher energy bills.


Vinyl windows don’t require much maintenance, but you will need to make sure that you take care of them as time goes on. If you live somewhere that’s really cold or hot, the vinyl can actually start to warp.

You need to make sure that you have a good caulk sealing around them so that the airflow going in and out is kept to a minimum.

On the other hand, aluminum windows are even easier to maintain. You’ll have to clean the window and the track every now and then, but the biggest issue you’ll have to worry about is rust.

However, to keep it from rusting, all you have to do is wipe it down every now and then.

Environmentally Friendly

Lastly, you should consider which window is more environmentally friendly.

PVC is the main component in vinyl windows, and it’s not biodegradable.

However, you can recycle aluminum windows when you’re ready to replace them. Because of this, many people are switching to these windows to help keep the environment green and cleaner.

Learn More About Vinyl Vs Aluminum Windows

These are only a few things to know about vinyl vs aluminum windows, but there are many more things to consider.

We know that doing home renovations of any kind can be stressful and overwhelming, but you don’t have to do it alone.

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