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Vintage Window Pane Picture Frame DIY

The husband and wife team from The Hilliard Home found a vintage window pane while shopping at their local Habitat for Humanity Restore that they she feel in love with and they got for a steal.

They struggled however to come up with the perfect way to do justice to for the piece and turned to Pinterest for inspiration.

They finally decided that the vintage window pane would be the perfect way to showcase one of their wedding photos.

While they admittedly had to splurge a bit to get their photo printed in a size big enough to fit the window pane they now have a rustic frame that turns their wedding photo into a show piece.

Here is the window pane as they purchased it from the Habitat for Humanity Restore.


The final look of their vintage window pane picture frame.


Read their original post to see how they created their vintage window pane picture frame.

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