Vintage Key Rack

Apparently a few of you have taken notice of Mothology’s vintage-style hotel key rack. When Gina from Lady Goats saw it, she knew she could knock if off for much, much less than the $62 price tag. Using homemade stain and her own DIY label holders, Gina brought the total for the whole build to about $15. If you’ve got some scraps on hand, you could whittle this down even more!

diy hotel key rack

Gina was inspired by the Vintage Inspired Hotel Key Rack from Mothology.

Vintage Inspired Hotel Key Rack

Find the tutorial at Lady Goats.

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  1. LOVE this vintage key rack! Makes me feel like I’m in the 1940’s!

  2. Wow, this is incredible and looks SO easy to do! Thanks for the post!