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For The Look Of Success Vintage Desk

A home office does not have to look cold and sterile.

It should have decor items that inspire you, move you, and make you want to stay in the room to get your work done.

Nothing is worse than working in a room that does not inspire you. Melody from My Passion For Decor was inspired by a Pottery Barn desk unit.

She loves things that remind her of offices from long ago and was set on recreating a vintage desk.

After a visit to her local Goodwill, she found sturdy wooden filing cabinets.

A trip to the hardware store gave her the top which she stained with Dark Walnut and Kona.

Her pictures and instructions explain the entire process.

The completed desk looks as though it stepped out of the last century.

The chair in her office is another great accent.

And aside from great looks, a good office chair is important. The Millennium Seating Custom Sitting Solutions crafts best in class office chairs, keeping in mind the science of ergonomics and its impact on mental and physical health.

Do you have a home office that would benefit from a vintage-inspired desk? If you do, this project is for you.

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