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Valspar Swiss Coffee Review: A Safe But Intriguing Off-White

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Working with colors can sometimes be extremely difficult.

Especially considering how even color vocabulary alone can throw us for a loop if we’re not careful.

What I’ve found works best for me is to learn everything I can about a specific color before I decide to go with it. 

Take Valspar Swiss Coffee paint for example:

This gentle color is often mistaken for off-white and other creamy tints that have white mixed in.

But here’s the kicker:

Swiss Coffee breathes life into small rooms and adds to the overall aesthetic of your coffee corner or at-home work office more than your average white. 

Because of that, I like to use Swiss Coffee for people who want for that open feel and bright space in their home environments.

Come learn more about Valspar Swiss Coffee’s specific undertones, characteristics, and color coordination opportunities.

I’ll show you how to play around and have fun with this color so you can enjoy painting AND living with it! 

Why Should You Choose Valspar Swiss Coffee?

valspar swiss coffee info

Swiss Coffee is a trendy paint color, belonging to Valspar’s ‘Popular Colors’ collection.

Its name was derived from a well-known Switzerland drink, namely café crema.

I know what you’re thinking:

Café crema? Sounds like a cup of Joe filled with cream.

It is! Because Swiss coffee is traditionally a creamy beverage, the paint named after it is also a bright, almost-white color.

What made Valspar Swiss Coffee as much of a people’s choice as the drink, though?

From my experience, clients go for this paint color since it’s not overwhelming. It’s a safe but nonetheless, interesting choice, just like similar white-based colors are.

Swiss Coffee’s Technical Characteristics

First things first…

Valspar’s Swiss Coffee has an RGB of 242, 240, and 234, respectively.

This converts to a HEX code of #F2F0EA, rendering this paint a neutral, warm white color. 

How will this translate in your home, you ask?

Well, for one, warm colors make rooms seem more inviting. I’ve seen them make a place feel livelier and more energetic.

LRV, or light reflective value, is another thing you should consider before going with a paint color. 

Surprisingly, I’ve noticed a lot of people dismissing this feature.

So, here’s a reminder for you:

A paint’s LRV is important because it helps set the mood. The higher it is, the lighter the color will be. 

valspar swiss coffee lrv

The LRV of Swiss Coffee is 86.152.

This makes the paint ideal for rooms that don’t get enough natural light.

Additionally, Valspar Swiss Coffee undertones are warm, mainly because it belongs to the yellow hue family.

How Will Swiss Coffee Make Your Home Feel?


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This is an important question you have to ask and here’s why:

In the wrong light, Valspar Swiss Coffee undertones might come off as too yellow or too green.

Here’s the deal then…

Swiss Coffee opens up spaces. Paired with other neutral colors, including tans and whites, this Valspar paint brightens up any room by at least 84%.

Which means…

Using Swiss Coffee makes your home seem more spacious. If you have wooden or warm-stained floors, even better!

I’ve also noticed that this paint is ideal to use for both South and North-facing rooms. 

In those places, there’s ample light, meaning, there’s a lot of sunlight but just as much shade to balance it out. This helps the paint really shine.

Plus, Swiss Coffee is not as sterile as most white paint.

Pure white tints are used in hospitals and by doctors to create that cleanliness effect.

The last thing you want is to have your home looking or feeling like a clinic.

The Effects of Lighting on Swiss Coffee

Since Valspar Swiss Coffee has a high LRV, various lighting will create different effects as they reflect off the paint.

My tip for you:

You choose how the lighting pairs with the paint based on the mood you want to set.

Here’s a quick example.

I’ve found that bright light, particularly in East and West-facing rooms, will increase the intensity of Swiss coffee making it appear almost white-like.

My advice then would be to add plants and decorative shelves to filter the sunbeams coming through.

On the other hand…

LED artificial light along with beige or off-white furniture will make Swiss Coffee appear cooler. It’ll give the room a meditative and relaxing feel.

Another thing to remember is the LRV of Valspar Swiss coffee vs Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee.

bm vs valspar swiss coffee

Benjamin’s paint has less green (233) on the RGB scale than Valspar’s.

In warmth-based light, Benjamin’s S.C. will lean towards a more yellow tint. 

Valspar Swiss Coffee appears greener in the same light, though.

What Colors to Coordinate with Swiss Coffee?

Swiss Coffee opens up spaces. Since it’s from the yellow family, this paint will pair well with neutral colors, such as tans and off-whites.


Let me cut to the chase and offer you some amazing palettes I’ve worked with in the past:

A MonoChrome Basic Palette

valspar swiss coffee monocrhome color coordinations

Using the same color and complementing it with darker tones creates a monochrome palette that gives any living space a refined look.

You can pair Swiss Coffee with Valspar’s Pallid, which leans towards a medium, warm gray.

I picked Ultra White as a trim color to make the other colors stand out.

This palette works best with modern decor.

A Triadic Energetic Palette

valspar swiss coffee triadic color coordinations

Go for a triadic palette in bedrooms where there’s tons of natural light or in big spaces to spice them up.

Take Valspar’s Enchanted Navy paint which is a vibrant purple with navy blue undertones.

Add Rosetti Pink to offset the blue’s sharpness by bringing back some elegance to the room.

To bring the palette together, use Gauzy White as a trim. It works great with rose and blue.

I used mid-century modern, colorful furniture in my project. You can pick bohemian-style decor as well.

An Analogous Diverse Palette

valspar swiss coffee neutrals color coordinations

For an analogous palette to work, the colors you use should be next to each other on the color wheel. 

Together, they’ll form a harmonious palette that’ll create a sense of vitality in the room.

My analogous scheme for Swiss Coffee features Valspar’s following paints: Vegas Green, Green reflection, and Fresh Mown.

You’ll notice this palette mostly features greenish hues to complement Swiss Coffee’s undertones. Use Ultra White again as a trim.

Pair these vibrant colors with jewel-toned floorings and tan, white, or modern furniture.

Best Places to Use Swiss Coffee in Your Home

Because of its warm energy, I typically recommend Swiss Coffee for kitchens, bedrooms, and living spaces.


Here you’ll notice a monochromatic palette featuring soft grays and a pure white trim.

You can also spot the use of Valspar Swiss Coffee on the kitchen cabinets to brighten the place up. 

The kitchen doesn’t have much artificial or natural light either so using Swiss Coffee to cover big surfaces helps open up the space.

Even the patterned wallpaper has light green undertones to complement the neutral paint.

Baths, Laundry, and Mud Rooms

Swiss Coffee is great for the walls of laundry and mudrooms, especially because the decor there is minimal.

I’ve already gone over why mid-century furniture pairs well with Swiss Coffee—as you can see here in this bathroom photo.

Plus, the satin sheen gives the place a luster appearance and brings out the mosaic floors.

With this much natural light, the beige and white tones seem extra vibrant too.



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I think you can agree with me that this is a gorgeous bedroom. 

Here’s why:

The design plays on Swiss Coffee’s yellow undertones by mixing in off-white sheets, light yellow pillows, and warm lighting.

Additionally, the wooden floors and vibrant rug bring all the colors in the room together. It makes the place easy on the eye.

Living Rooms


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Notice how with all the sunlight coming in how the paint seems a little brighter than normal. The tan wooden boards accentuate the color too.

The living room maintains the off-white and beige scheme in the choice of decor.

Blue-tinted windows also filter out the sunbeams and keep the living space cooler.

By using neutral paint to cover the high ceilings, they’ve really opened up the place!


DIYers from Dammit, Hali used Valspar finishings and Swiss Coffee to refurbish their exterior deck.

Using a neutral color in open spaces is always a good choice. You’ll notice that the finished result has a fresh look.

They paired it with black paint that comes across as dark navy in the sun. 

This helped achieve a vibrant triadic palette.


In my opinion, Valspar Swiss Coffee is for those seeking a warm white color to liven up their homes.

From kitchen cupboards to bedroom walls, this paint will make your rooms seem spacious while also adding a welcoming vibe to them. 

You’re bound to have fun letting your creativity shine with this neutral paint!

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The Renov Team

Saturday 6th of August 2022

We use Swiss Coffee color for so many home remodeling projects it’s no joke. A lot of clients are falling in love with the color because it’s just awesome with white kitchens. It looks minimalist and clean.

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