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Using A Paint Sprayer

It is possible to spray paint any piece of furniture and bypass the time and work of trying to get a beautiful finish using a brush or roller to paint furniture. If you have some furniture that can use a new finish, see what Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design learned about using a sprayer to paint an old dresser she had.

She explains exactly how she prepared her dresser prior to painting. This was a dresser that was in terrible condition and required a lot of sanding and use of wood putty. Once this was completed, Julia primed the dresser. Finally, she was ready to spray paint the piece.

This was an easy job since the sprayer she used was not a larger compressor type sprayer, but a handheld model. Not only does Julia explain exactly how to use the sprayer, she also goes into great detail describing how to clean it. Check it all out at cuckoo4design. Her tutorial also includes detailed photos, which are always helpful for anyone’s learning process.

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