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Urban Outfitters Inspired Poster Art

Sumeyye from Vintagonista loved Urban Outfitter’s Hanging Celestial Chart Art Print, but knew she could DIY her own for way less. When she found a nearly identical celestial map at a bookstore for only $2.50, she knew she had to create her own. Using inexpensive wooden canes, some glue, and a bit of twine, Sumeyye was able to hang her pretty celestial map in the same way as the expensive Urban Outfitter version. You could use this DIY to hang any kind of poster, or pick up a vintage city or world map to give your decor a well-traveled air.

This is Sumeyye’s wall art:

urban outfitters inspired

And this is the Urban Outfitters original:


Visit Sumeyye’s blog Vintagonista for the full DIY tutorial.

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