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Urban Outfitters Inspired Industrial Storage Rack

Simple and industrial is a favorite look for Célèste from Bookish and Belle.

When she saw this $498 Industrial Storage Rack from Urban Outfitters she knew she wanted the look for a storage unit in her entryway because of the size and aesthetic.

She couldn’t however, envision spending the money to buy it from Urban Outfitters when she knew she could make it herself for less.

Using $200 worth of supplies she picked up from Home Depot she was able to recreate the storage rack while adding in some personal touches of her own to make it fit with some of the finishes already in her home.

Her final suggestion? Instagram your DIY rack with pride.

Célèste’s finished storage rack contained some gold accents to match what already existed in her entryway.


This is the Industrial Storage Rack from Urban Outfitters that inspired her design.


You can read Célèste’s original post to find the full list of supplies and instructions you’ll need to make your own industrial storage rack.

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