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11 Unique Pet Signs


Pets are family for almost all of us. Pet signs are important for the very purpose of avoiding any kind of unwanted danger because of our little friends but these can also be seen as a way to bring your creative juices alive.

Pet signs have historically just stuck to the phrase; “BEWARE OF DOG”. Now, people are thinking otherwise. Many are putting up signs that warn but more than that, make the reader laugh and crack up with catchy phrases and words.

The Internet has an amazing collection of unique pet signs for sale. They have really funny warning phrases but the designs are also equally interesting.

We bring you here a few of our favorites that can inspire, and you can use to create your own sign. Nothing works better than wood and a paint brush

1. One With the Twisted Ending

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“BEWARE OF DOG” see this sign in front of a house and you go warned but nothing more to crack you up. How about “BEWARE OF DOG….POOP”, where the last word comes after what may be called the dramatic pause in a sentence.

This sign will warn you and make you laugh at the same time. The design in Etsy is quite interesting with the connected wooden panels with each of the words painted on them. The final one is placed a bit more distant than the others to make the twist seem interesting.

2. Warning Against Both Clans

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If you’ve got both the canine and feline clans under one roof it definitely calls for some double trouble.

It’s definitely a good idea to warn your visitors about the condition and this can be done with some really catchy phrases, for example, “Beware of the dog. The cat is not trustworthy either.”

3. Making The Road Straight

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Plain and blunt warning to the visitors,” If Our Dog Doesn’t Like You We Probably Won’t Either”.

Just making people understand that pets stand on the apex of your priorities and displeasing them won’t help them.

Make your creative side work and give out some really interesting phrases.

4. Describing Your Little Friend

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Letting people know about your spoiled furball through a fun filled phrase can be made into an interesting pet sign.

“Spoiled rotten cat lives here!” is a very good example for one such unique warning about your feline friend.

This can be created into a personalized frame to adorn your entrance or main gate.

5. Personalized Dachshund Sign

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Got a dachshund at home? Here’s a super special pet sign for the little one to be proud of.

These cute ones can be presented to your visitors in a creative sign they see from the moment they enter your lovely home.

6. Do Not Knock!

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“Do Not Knock A Crazy Border Collie Lives Here” is a very simple but interesting sign phrase that can be seen as a direct warning for the people visiting you.

This can be improvised by adding in the specific breed of your pet.

7. The Rhyming Sign Phrase

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Shhhh!! There is a real crazy scene here. With the interesting rhyming phrase, ”A crazy dog lives here. Donot knock, they will bark. I will yell. Shit will get real”.

This needs to be filtered before being installed in your main door with the tight vocabulary but if the folks are cool let the fun explode.

8. Bragging The German Pal

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The German shepherd can be some terror machine if not given a heads up to the visitors. This interesting pet sign phrase can be seen as a really funny way to warn about your doggy.

You can make this more interesting by adding unique designs and fonts on wood or metal frames.

9. Some Rustic Warning

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The old warning sign board with the black and red letters on a white frame can be made more interesting with a weathered texture. The phrase can be personalized according to the pet you are keeping at home.

Here’s a simple example, ”WARNING! This property is protected by a highly trained tortoise. Not responsible for injury or possible death.”

This gives in us a dual faced warning sign, a traditional warning backed up by a crazy phrase formation.

10. The Direction To Danger

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This direction frame made into a really funny warning phrase can be a real asset to your pet sign décor.

The bitten off pattern at the end of the sentence gives an interesting scariness to the observer.

You can either try a hand at creating one out of wood or order it from the internet.

11. Chickens Can Rule Too

Augus Church CHICKENS: The Pet That Poops Breakfast, Farm Sign, 6"x14", Rustic Signs, Fun and Unique Gift, Funny Sign, Home Gift Wooden Sign. Visit Source:

How about letting the people know about your chicken coop? Crazy, huh? Well, here’s a great idea for you to make your chickens seem important as part of your home environment.

We have tried to introduce you to some fun filled phrases for pet signs at your home. You can choose to create some beautiful frames with some simple DIY methods.

At knockoffdecor we inspire your funfilled imagination into creative pieces to adorn your lovely space. Get creative, today!!

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Friday 21st of December 2018

these are funny! I think my favorite is the German engineered! We have a Bernese Mountain dog. She's all bark! xo laura

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