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5 Unique Kitchen Sinks for Your Next Remodel


It seems like sinks tend to be left behind when planning a kitchen remodel. And it is one of the most significant mistakes that you can do, as they make or break your kitchen’s look and functionality.

The sink is the most-used appliance in the kitchen. It handles everything from washing dishes and pans to rinsing vegetables for cooking.

During kitchen remodels, plans for your kitchen sink should vary based on the amount of space you have. Small spaces tend to benefit from trendy corner sinks or single-basin sinks, and larger kitchens may find added value with a dual-basin under mount option.

Without further ado, let’s explore the top five unique sinks that will be perfect for your next remodel:

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink


The farmhouse sink is on-trend at the moment. It appears across the pages of every major design magazine, and it is both beautiful and functional.

This particular sink is rather large and takes up quite a hefty amount of space as well as extends past the cabinets, so it is perfect for a large-size kitchen.

The farmhouse look works well with both traditional and country-inspired home styles. The only disadvantage here is that it can be expensive. Also, remember that the installation needs to be done by a professional.

Fortunately, there are a lot of sites and online retailers like Annie & Oak and Vintage Tub & Bath that will help you during a kitchen renovation.

Hammered Copper Apron-Front Sink


If uniqueness and originality are what you are looking for, then you might want to consider looking at the copper sink, as it is quite a statement. Nothing adds warmth to a kitchen space like an aged copper feature.

A gorgeous hammered apron-front sink seems to be the perfect choice for a modern kitchen. The way it stands out against cabinetry is quite fantastic.

Maintenance of copper sinks is not that complicated, too; you can keep them bright and shiny with regular polishing. However, there is nothing wrong with patina over time. It only adds a spark.

Soapstone Sink and Countertop

Stone features are an excellent idea for hardworking kitchens. Mostly because they are able to stand up to lots of daily wear and tear. Soapstone sink and matching countertop can become a home cook best friend.

What professionals like best about this material is that it develops a beautiful patina with age. It is also incredibly resilient. The stone is resistant to chemicals, staining, and heat.

A soapstone sink has all the benefits of gorgeous looks and practicality, as well as low maintenance.

This is the perfect choice for house owners who love to cook on a daily basis and want to have a kitchen that looks as if it is taken straight from a home decor magazine.

Glass Kitchen Sink


Glass probably doesn’t seem like it is the most durable material for a kitchen sink. So you will be surprised to learn it is not only an option but an excellent choice if you look for uniqueness as well. A colorful glass sink can become the crowning jewel of your kitchen.

Sinks like that are usually shatterproof and resistant to stains, heat, and scratches, so you don’t have to worry about any serious damage over time.

That said, glass sinks are still more prone to chipping than let’s say, stone.

This is why they are best for homes that have adult residents or a dishwasher at hand. It is more of a look piece, but it still does its job. All you have to do is be careful, and the sink will last a long time.

Single Bowl Sink

Lastly, please consider a single bowl sink during your planning process. Single bowl sinks are exactly what they sound like, one large bowl for everything that you need.

They offer a few benefits – they can be made out of nearly anything unless it’s too heavy, a few steps, easy installation, and a convenient way of fitting into small spaces.

They leave more space for cleaning. However, the downside is that if they are filled with dirty dishes or defrosting food, there’s not much to do but clean it out.

One bowl means a single function at a time, which may not work for every household. However, they are considered a budget-friendly option, so you will, for sure, get your money’s worth out of them.



Planning a remodel is an exciting time, and turning your kitchen into a masterpiece of functionality with a breath-taking view is a priority.

A new, modern sink should make a difference, and now you know exactly where to start.

Choose one of the sinks from the list and turn your current kitchen into the most comfortable and stylish place in your house.

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