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Types of Fountains for Your Home


When it comes to decorating your home and landscaping, you can never run out of options. Apart from trees, beautiful flowers, and paving, there is also a versatile piece called a fountain.

The water fountain is a piece of decoration that you can place at the center of your home to maintain its curb appeal.

There are many types of fountains that you can use to add some beauty and feel to your home. If you’re thinking of getting one, here are some options available in the market for you to try out.

Wall Types of Fountains

One thing about wall fountains is that they’re economical in nature. You don’t have to spend a lot building a fountain from scratch if you have an existing wall. But you can also build your fountain into a new wall as you wish.

Wall fountain options are great for people with small spaces. You’ll need a water basin, a spout, and tubing to build this kind of fountain.

Wall fountains also take two options. You can do a freestanding wall fountain which is has a flat back or a wall-mounted style that hangs on a wall.

Cascading Fountain Types


Cascading fountains for homes come with tranquil qualities that likely to attract every homeowner.

These types of fountains are design so that water flows from one level to another in a downward manner. The feel and sight of flowing water created by these fountains give you a cool and relaxing atmosphere.

They have three different fountain levels. The top-level is where the water flows from in a cascading manner going to the bottom. Most cascading fountains feature three basins where every level gets bigger from the top.

Some types of cascading fountains feature water flowing down from some form of a mountain or a hill. Others look like columns. No matter the fountain design you choose, you’ll still enjoy the peace and calm from your beautiful yard.

Spouting Types of Fountains

Spouting fountains come with a pipe that sprays water into the air. This type of water fountain creates a unique, striking plume-like effect that will add a touch of beautiful drama to your yard.

Once you have a submersible pump, you can add sprouting fountains to your swimming pool or pond.

Spouting fountains also look beautiful when done with a statue to make it more unique. You can also do your fountain with a nozzle that will spray water into your garden in a beautiful pattern like a bubble or a ring.

Spouting fountains come in self-contained units, or you can add them to an existing water feature.

Japanese Fountains


If you love Japanese culture, you’re going to love these fountains.

The fountains are common in Japanese gardens where they’re mostly placed in spiritual significance areas, such as temples. They portray a symbol of spiritual and physical cleansing.

But you don’t have to be Japanese to have these symbolic fountains in your garden. You can purchase a Japanese style fountain and beautify your yard with this unique culture. The fountains are naturally beautiful and create images of tranquility and purity.

Pondless Fountains

Pondless are also common types of fountains that are sure to add some curb appeal to your yard. Unlike cascading or spouting cascade types, pondless do not draw water from a basin or a pond. They have a water reservoir hidden underground.

Pondless fountains are perfect for smaller areas and require a lot of maintenance.

Their base is made from a traditional structure such as a column, boulder, or urn. They feature a contemporary look that can go well in your backyard or front yard.

Swimming Pool Types of Fountain

Like the name suggests, swimming pool fountains are installed into the pool to add a touch of beauty and uniqueness.

The beautiful water movements from your pool and some colorful lights create a masterpiece. They’ll indeed get the attention of everyone, especially due to their beautiful night view.

While the pool already creates some uniqueness and beauty into your backyard, adding this fountain makes it even more exciting. These types of fountains are very easy to install, and you can play around with different designs as you wish.

Tiered Fountains


Tiered water fountains come with a beautiful traditional look that’s sure to adorn your yard the way you like it.

Just like the name, these fountains come with tiers that create a beautiful shape and a relaxing sound to the flowing waters.

If you want a louder sound with water falling further, you can design the tiers further apart. Get these tiered fountain types if you fancy a classical and traditional landscape setting.

Self-Contained Fountains

Many homeowners fancy self-contained fountains because they’re easy to install. You can create that beautiful appeal with these fountains easily as they come complete with everything you need.

You also need no pool or pond for them to work as desired because they have their own internal pumping structure needed for them to work.

It will not take you a lot of work to install these fountains into your yard because of their self-contained nature. As long as you have a perfect spot for them, you’ll get to work as soon as possible.

Add Fountains to Your Home Today

So, do you like the feel and sound of water moving into your cool yard? Water fountains are indeed some of the best décor items that you can use both indoors and outdoors.

There are various fountain types to choose from, depending on your preference, space, and class.

Most of these types of fountains are very economical in terms of space and installation costs. You can choose self-contained ones that are easy to install or go for the most sophisticated styles.

As long as it fulfills your need and desire, any design can work well.

If you’ll like to have some more décor ideas to add to your home, we’re here for you. Read other articles on this site and get amazing ideas and designs to turn your home garden into a masterpiece.

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