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The Different Types of Bathroom Tiles Explained

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It seems porcelain and ceramic are the most popular material for tiles. When you look at the aesthetic qualities of this material balanced with practicality, it is easy to see why these are popular types of bathroom tiles. However, don’t let your creativity stop there.

There are many different types of materials that can be used as excellent bathroom tiles.

In fact, there is such a range of options, you will always be able to choose something that reflects your decorative preference while also ensuring it meets with your practical needs.

In this article, we’re going to give you a whistle-stop tour of different types of materials you should consider for your bathroom and why they’re a good option.

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Start With the Classics white-tiled-bathroom

White has never, and will never, go out of fashion when it comes to interior design. A white bathroom may be a classic choice but for good reason. Done well and kept gleaming, a white bathroom is very calming. Both porcelain and ceramic bathroom tiles offer pristine white finishes.

However, if comfort is more important to you than the aesthetic look then you may want to consider alternative white materiel. Porcelain and ceramic create a hard finish.

If you like white but not ceramics to touch then a vinyl tile will be warmer underfoot.

Classic With Color

If you’re looking for an accent color to set off your classic white tiles then you won’t be disappointed with the beautiful colors available for bathroom tiles.

Ceramic and porcelain tile designs are available for those wanting retro or traditional patterns. Alternative choices to add a splash of color are glass or vinyl tiles.

Tiles for Candlelight

Another tile that has become the ultimate classic tile for creating that cozy candlelit ambiance is the limestone tile.

If you’re the type of person whose bathroom is your sanctuary and place to wind down, then limestone tiles are at the top of the list. The natural warm hues of limestone speak for itself.

The Classic Power of Ceramic and Porcelain

Ceramic tiles are still on the list when it comes to wanting something a little different. The durability, versatility, and reasonable cost of the ceramic tile means this material is still one of the most popular choices for the bathroom. Ceramic tiles offer a degree of choice that will satisfy any adventurous designer.

Types of Bathroom Tiles – Something Different

Granite isn’t a material exclusive for the kitchen!

Sleek, sparkling, and solid; granite is a statement choice. It is no wonder that granite is becoming such a popular tile choice for the bathroom.

Granite is a surprisingly versatile natural material that can be finished with the most stunning patterns and colors. If you like the idea of granite tiles, be sure to check the structure of your house can take the weight of this material.

Glass and Mosaic Tiles


If you haven’t considered glass tiles then it is a material that certainly merits considering if your budget allows. Glass tiles produce a stylish finish that is quite different from other bathroom tile materials.

The versatility available with this material can take an average looking bathroom and turn it into a piece of art. With any art, you need a skilled artist.

Glass tiled bathrooms are no different. You need to get someone professional to create a glass masterpiece.

Mosaic tiles still hold their own fascinating draw for the bathroom designer. Mosaic tiles are a picnic of color, size, and shape. A mosaic tile can be integrated into any time period themed design.

Pebble Tiles

If you like the idea of designing your bathroom with a spa-like finish then pebble tiling is a creative and fun option. Pebble shower tiles can create the feeling of being refreshed by nature itself.

The pebble’s natural material along with their individual shapes creates a very rustic feel. Pebble tiling has one of the most aesthetically pleasing finishes.

Family Friendly Tiles

You may love intricate design as much as the next person, but if you have a bustling family life then this will affect your choice.

A tile’s durability and practicality will most likely be of more value than a show-stopping fashion statement.

If you have small children then soft tiles will be a better choice than natural hard stone.

Vinyl Tiles

That being said, practical and safe doesn’t mean tile choices have to be boring. Vinyl tiles, planks, and sheets are available for all budgets.

There are copious colors and designs. Many are excellently designed to look like luxury natural stone tiles.

Cork and Bamboo Tiles

Cork and Bamboo bathroom tiles offer a safer nonslip finish. These two materials are also good for absorbing not just water but sound.

Bathroom tiles that absorb sound are a good solution for a busy household with neighbors.

Ready for a Change?

Carefully chosen, tiles can dramatically change the look and feel of your bathroom.

Small dark bathrooms can transform into light and airy spaces. Large bathrooms can transform from a cold uninviting space to a warm and peaceful space.

Or, maybe you have something else in mind we haven’t mentioned? In this article, we have discussed some of the different types of bathroom tiles available.

This is only the surface of tiles available out there. Check out other articles on our site for design and decor inspiration.

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