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Here’s Why Interior Designers Are Going Gaga for Tulip Tables


Tulip tables have been around for well over half a century now. The very first Tulip tables were created by legendary architect/designer Eero Saarinen back in the 1950s.

But despite the fact that Tulip tables have maintained a strong presence in the world of interior design ever since Saarinen came up with his initial designs for them, you could argue that they’ve never been more popular than they are today.

Interior designers have fallen in love with them and are using them at every turn.

Check out some of the reasons why interior designers love Tulip tables so much right now.

They Have a Simple, Minimalistic Design That Is Timeless

For a long time, many interior designers went over the top when picking out tables to incorporate into their designs.

They felt as though their tables had to make a strong statement by being large and in charge.

But today, many interior designers are scaling their designs back and trying to keep them on the simpler side. They even go as far as to make them as minimalistic as they can.

Tulip dining tables are perfect for this. They have a timeless design that steals the show without being too overbearing.

They Can Be Used to Make Small Spaces Feel Larger


Oftentimes, interior designers are asked to work their magic in smaller spaces that might feel too cramped.

They have to come up with ways to add things to these rooms to make them feel bigger than they actually are.

There are many pieces of furniture that can be used to accomplish this goal. But Tulip tables are definitely one of best options.

When you’re wondering, “What are Tulip tables?”, one of the first things you’ll notice about them is that they don’t have a bunch of legs.

They have one single pedestal in the center that holds the table up.

This lack of legs on Tulip tables automatically makes the rooms that these tables are in feel larger than they would otherwise.

Interior designers are able to trick people into thinking rooms are bigger by using Tulip tables to their advantage.


They Provide Unexpected Durability and Sturdiness

If there’s one thing that holds some people back from deciding to buy Tulip tables and chairs, it’s the fact that they don’t necessarily look all that durable in photos.

“Are Tulip tables sturdy?” is a question that people often ask when considering them.

Ask any interior designer about Tulip tables, though, and they’ll tell you just how sturdy they can be. They’re surprisingly strong and will stand the test of time.

Consider Adding Tulip Tables to Your Home Today

Interior designers have clearly gone crazy over Tulip tables in recent years. Why haven’t you followed their lead?

If you’re looking for a new table and chairs for your dining room or another part of your home, you should think about going with Tulip tables and chairs.

They’re a great option thanks to all the benefits that they provide.

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