Tree Stump Side Tables with Casters

Emma from A Beautiful Mess had seen tree stump side tables of all varieties – metallic, painted, stained, and even dipped. She didn’t know what finish she wanted, but Emma knew she wanted to give the project a try. She was fortunate to come by a slew of stumps through a friend. After the drying process was complete, Emma went to work, chiseling away the bark, sanding until smooth, and then applying a white stain. I can’t get over the beautiful shape of these stumps!

diy tree stump side tables

Emma’s tables remind me of the Natural Tree Stump Side Table from West Elm.

natural tree stump side table from west elm

Find the steps to make your own tree stump side table at A Beautiful Mess.

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  1. More beautiful than the commercial tables. Lovely draping effect!