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Torch Your Way To a New Metal Spice Rack

Once again Jen at The House of Wood brings us a fabulous copper spice rack. The novelty here is that she used metal and a blowtorch to construct the rack. Using a blowtorch and learning how to weld this together took Jen into another realm of creative engineering. 

She credits her new knowledge to her neighbor, a welder, and some informative You Tube Videos. Her step by step instructions and links to various resources will help in the construction of the rack. If you are curious about metalworking and want to make a small project, the metal spice rack would be a good first step.

Jen offers lots of encouragement when tackling new projects that seem scary. She notes that once you learn how to do a new thing, the confidence and motivation you have to try other items will help motivate you.

This is a great first time project for those new to metalworking. Jen picked a simple project that will build encouragement and the satisfaction that comes with building something for yourself.

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