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Top Posts for November 2016

Every month we are bringing you the top read posts from the month prior. These posts weren’t all written last month, but they were very popular! We want to share the love and let you take a peek at them as well.

#5 Moss Covered Letters for Your Front Door

Decorate your door without a plain jane wreath using craft store monograms and some faux moss. Perfectly festive for the holidays!

#4 Trendy Stair Risers

If you love to decorate, don’t forget about the space between each stair step- it is called a stair riser, and they are begging to be decorated.

#3 Free Christmas Printable

Decorate your home for the holidays with a free Christmas download inspired by Pottery Barn.

#2 Christmas Tree Wall Shelf

If you want to get ready for Christmas and keep all of your decor organized at the same time, check out this cute shelf in the shape of a Christmas tree!

#1 DIY Plant Stand

Make your own plant stands for only a few dollars to hold your beautiful potted plants.

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