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The Top Bedroom Design Ideas for a More Modern Look

Redecorating your bedroom? We’re here to help with awesome bedroom design ideas that are sure to stay on trend for a while.

Keep reading for some awesome bedroom ideas that can help you go into the new year with a fresh space.

There’s something here for everyone!

Whimsical Wallpaper

bedroom whimsical wallpaper

An awesome idea that can make your bedroom pop is to add a wall of wallpaper.

We love the look of an elegant wallpaper that goes with the colors in the room, from the wall color to the furniture.

This is a great way to add texture to a room without taking up any extra space.

We love marble printed wallpapers, as well as delicate floral prints.

While you want your wallpaper to be decorative and interesting, you want it to stay elegant so that it’s not overwhelming.

Adding a singular statement wall with wallpaper is a great way to add interest without it becoming too much.

Wallpapers with flicks of gold are a great way to add something that pops, pair it with gold metal furnishings for a sleek and modern look.

We also love decorating nooks with wallpaper if you’d rather not do the whole wall.

Consider adding a pop of wallpaper in an alcove such as above a fireplace for a unique look that rocks.

Think of a Theme

We love themed bedrooms, for a unified look that might have some importance or significance to the room’s occupant.

This is especially fun for vacation homes or kid’s rooms. A themed room is a great way to add some character and originality.

If you have a beach home, consider a nautical theme for your guest room, so that your guests can feel like they are truly on vacation in your home.

With a kid’s room, picking a theme is easy.

Pick something they love, like fairies or pirates, and come up with a themed room that is fun but still thoughtful in terms of style and organization.

Go Minimal

minimalist bedroom idea

Minimalism is all the rage right now, and if you like this sleek modern look, try it in your bedroom.

Consider a simple four-poster bed, we love a light wood version paired with all white, from the comforter to the rugs.

Add leafy plants for touches of green that still mesh perfectly with your minimalized space.

Plain side tables, frameless round mirrors, and small book displays are great additions to a simply styled bedroom.

This is a great way to have a bedroom that is decluttered and full of zen.

Hello Headboard

headboard in bedroom

Adding a unique and interesting headboard isn’t something you may think of right away, but it can make a huge difference in your bedroom.

Pick a headboard with a pop of color that can decide the detail color for the entire room.

Try lavender or a deep emerald headboard that can be the perfect accent for your room.

We also love textured headboards, with leather options being lux and classic, or a soft fabric headboard for a cozier vibe.

It can be really fun to pick a comforter that has accents of your headboard color as well.

Texture It Up

brick wall bedroom

Add some texture to your room by utilizing a brick or stone wall.

Pair it with cozy, simple, neutral wall colors and furniture for a warm feel.

We love stone walls paired with calming blues and creams, as well as brick walls with a room full of layered warm cozy linens.

Work with the bones of your house instead of trying to hide them!

If you don’t have exposed brick or stone walls, consider bringing in these natural textures with your furniture and decor.

Install Useful Lighting

If you love reading in bed at night, avoid standing lamps that take up too much space.

Call up your local electrician to install his and her bedside lighting that is fixed to the wall, a look that is modern and super practical.

Your place will have the finishings of a hotel, with a cozy feel and extra lighting.

We love pairing smart lighting with the room accents, for example, a room with a navy color scheme, paired with gold or silver metallic details and lighting.

Lean It

oversized art and mirrors in the bedroom

An interesting trend we’re seeing that we love is oversized art and mirrors in the bedroom.

Instead of hanging these massive pieces on the wall, consider leaning them against the wall for a little something different.

Leaning a large mirror against your wall can actually make your room look much larger and more open.

Leaning a massive piece of art on your wall can give your room a bohemian feel that mimics a trendy loft.

Gorgeous Gallery Wall

gallery wall in your bedroom

For an innovative way to arrange artwork, consider making a gallery wall in your bedroom.

Arrange photos or paintings haphazardly for an interesting layered up look.

Depending on the feel of your room, frame your pictures with ornate or super minimal frames.

Using ornate gold frames is a great idea for a room that has gold accents.

This is a great way to make a statement wall with your random artworks.

This idea also works really well in a hallway, a reading nook, or a seating area.

Easy and Chic Bedroom Design Ideas

If you’re looking to modernize your home or just redo your coziest space, these bedroom design ideas can help.

Keep them in mind when planning your bedroom out, and also consider your own style and personality, making sure your bedroom reflects you.

For more information on home design, decor, and DIY ideas keep browsing our site!

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