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Top Trending Antique Mirror Styles

antique mirror in your bedroom

If you want to give your room a classy and elegant look, antique mirrors will do that for you.

Antique mirrors are fashionable and appear unique when placed in the bedroom or the bathroom.

While some people may consider the antique mirror archaic, the look that they give is far from this assumption.

Antique mirrors create a timeless and contemporary theme in your interior.

The antique mirrors are also more durable than most modern designs as the original intent is to endure the test of time.

The mirrors are also forms of art, which means that their value increases as time goes by.

They provide you with beauty and investment at the same time.

Here are some trending antique mirror styles.

Medieval Gothic

medieval gothic

The medieval Gothic mirrors are also becoming very popular, despite their long history.

These mirrors date back to 1300 AD. The mirrors have pointed arches and often have a dark wood frame.

The history of these mirrors makes them valuable and fashionable.

The medieval gothic mirrors are suitable for hallways, sitting, or dining rooms.

They have an imposing nature, which makes them appropriate for such spaces.

If you are looking for that church-like feel in your house, these mirrors will give you just that.

More so, when you have a country cottage, these mirrors will be appropriate.

Still, the combination of their historical value and your modern house will be commendable, even in the cities.



The baroque mirrors also have a long history dating back to the 1600s.

Most of the baroque mirrors are oval in shape with golden oak frames.

Unlike the medieval Gothic mirrors, the baroque has less-extravagant carvings, which give them a luxurious look.

The silver and gold frames also add to their luxurious look.

As such, these mirrors are appropriate for most personal rooms like the bedroom or bathroom.

Still, you can place them in the sitting room or office as a statement piece.

The piece goes along with the modern luxurious rooms.

If you are looking for a high-end look in your room, then the baroque mirror will serve your purpose just right.

Rococo and Georgian

The rococo type of mirrors emerged in the 1700s.

The mirrors have a mahogany frame and come in different shapes, but the most common are rectangular and oval.

They are also carved with gold floral shapes at the top.

The mirror presents a mixture of modernity and classical look, which elevates your room with elegance.

The Georgian mirrors also date back to the 1700s.

Unlike the rococo mirrors, the Georgian are symmetrical and rectangular.

They also have golden frames but are less extravagant than the predecessors are.

Depending on your interior design, the two mirrors are appropriate for the bedroom, bathroom, or hallway.

They give that low-key classy feel to your room.

Edwardian and Art Nouveau

edwardian and art nouveau mirror

Sometimes you may be inclined to something less bold and a bit delicate.

The Edwardian mirror is more delicate and less bold. It gives your room that delicate but modern look.

Again, the mirror design is not very old, which makes it an easy match with your modern room.

The Art Nouveau, on the other hand, gives your room a natural look.

These mirrors came in the early 1900s and have been fashionable for over a century now.

They use curved lines, which evoke the shapes of flowers or plants.

Their natural theme makes them very unique and variable, especially if you love nature.

They are appropriate for a countryside house as well as an urban one.

Mirrored wall

mirrored wall

A large full-length antique mirror is incredible, especially when you have enough space.

There is a luxury that comes with looking at your whole self in the mirror, especially when you’re getting ready to go out.

The large mirrors also tie up the small elements in the bathroom or bedroom.

This gives your room a complete and larger look without adding any extra space.

If you like grand statements, you could use a full-mirrored wall to increase the glamour.

The mirrors do not take any additional floor space, which makes them even better for your bathroom.

If you are looking for elegance, you need to think outside the box and consider unique mirror designs.

The full wall mirror is one of these unique designs.

However, ensure that the mirror frames go along with the wall colors to avoid color crushing.

Repurposed mirrors 

While your modern bathroom, sitting room, or bedroom may have a modern look, you can spice it up with a retro-inspired nuance.

A repurposed vanity framed mirror will give your room that impressive look.

Another great thing about these mirrors is that they are affordable.

Sometimes you can get a mirror from the dresser and repurpose it for the bathroom or the bedroom.

It saves you money and adds to the room’s elegance at the same time.

You only need to add an impressive frame to the mirror.

The frame’s color should also match the theme of your interior design.

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