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Top 5 Posts for September

Every month we are bringing you the top five posts of the month. They weren’t necessarily written this month, but they were the most visited posts that month! Here are the top five posts for September 2016.


#5 Map Decor for Every Room in your House

Fuel your own personal wanderlust with map art in every room of your house. In this post we explore the different ways you can showcase some beautiful maps in your home- from full blown oversized wall maps to decoupaged chairs and door wreaths!


#4 Burlap Bulletin Board for $20

If you have an old bulletin board that has seen better days, give it a fresh look with some trendy burlap fabric. All you need is the burlap, a staple gun, and upholstery tacks!


#3 Inexpensive Sliding Barn Door Hardware

The farmhouse trend isn’t going away anytime soon, so neither are interior barn doors! In this post from last January we explore a way to make your own barn door hardware for a fraction of the retail price.


#2 13 Adorable Toilet Paper Solutions

Keep your toilet paper fashionably handy with our roundup of clever storage solutions! From quirky shelves to door hangers, we’ve got you covered!


#1 Oversized Map Art

Keeping with our global theme, take a peek at this amazing oversized map. To keep it inexpensive, it was made from multiple sheets of regular paper that were decoupaged together and perfectly aged.


Check back soon for the top posts of this month!

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